January 9, 2018

Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century

2018 is off to a very good beginning and I couldn't be happier.

Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century is finally out. It's a 200+ page book compiled by Riane Menardi, Alissa Haight Carlton and Heather Grant published by The Modern Quilt Guild and Stash Books. The publisher describes it this way, "a collectible, hardcover book that traces the history of modern quilts, explores hallmarks of the genre, and honors the genre's past, present, and future."

The book features a wonderful sampling of over 200 modern quilts and I'm happy to say one of mine, Rhythm & Blues, is in the book! WaHoo!!! It's an honor to be included along side the work of so many well known modern quilters. You can see Rhythm & Blues on page 24.

Several months ago I was contacted by TheMQG to see if they could include Rhythm & Blues in a new book they were putting together. Yes! Yes! Of course you can can I screamed at the email.


I designed and made Rhythm & Blues way back in 2012 specifically to enter in the QuiltCon 2013 quilt show. It was not only accepted into the show, but also won third place in the Use of Negative space category. That was an exciting moment for me as it was only the second time I had entered a quilt show. After QuiltCon it went on to hang as part of the first Modern Showcase at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival both in Houston and Chicago.

While showing in Chicago, the editor of Modern Quilts Unlimited saw it and contacted me about publishing the design as a pattern in their magazine. It appeared in the Winter 2015 issue. Back copies are still available here. Be sure to look for the Winter 2015 issue.


I'm happy to say Rhythm & Blues will also be making an appearance in another book by C&T Publishing coming out in May of this year. Modern Quilts Unlimited has compiled a book that features modern quilts from past issues. At this point I don't know any more than that but it's certainly exciting to see how one quilt is getting around in the world.

Whether you consider yourself a modern quilter or are simply interested in what modern quilting is all about, I highly recommend Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century. Give it a look see. Learn about the movement. Be inspired. I'm certainly finding wonderful inspiration in every page.

Read C&T's blog post and enter for a chance to win your own ebook copy.
It's available for purchase through TheMQG, C&T Publishing and of course places like Amazon and hopefully your local quilt shop.


Disclaimer; I make no profits from the sale of this book. I am simply providing links to TheMQG and C&T Publishing for your convenience.