June 28, 2012

Fingers Crossed

I've got my fingers crossed. This week I submitted two different projects/ideas to two different magazines. It's my first time submitting and I don't know all the ropes but just wanted to jump in and give it a try. Obviously can't share what they are but here's a sneak peak of what fabrics might be involved.

Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler and Kona Solids. I've had this print for awhile and this project just seemed like the perfect choice. Plus I'll still have enough left over for a quilt!

June 20, 2012

Modern Quilt Guild, Fancy Tiger Crafts and Tradewinds by Moda

Finally got a chance to attend my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild that covers Denver and Colorado Springs. It was hosted at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver. So glad it was closer to me this time so I could check it out. Seems like a great group of quilters both new and experienced. Wish they met in Denver all the time so I could go more often.

Also my first time at Fancy Tiger Crafts but it definitely won't be my last. It's great to find another modern style fabric shop. I loved their fabric selections and even though I'm not a knitter the colors and textures nearly lured me into a knitting obsession too. All the yarns were scrumptious.

For now though, I'm more than happy to stick with the fabrics. Picked up this great new layer cake called Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury for Moda. I've been eyeing this fabric even before it was released, so am thrilled to have it. Now what to do with it . . .

Love these basic prints. I can see using them in lots of quilts.

Here's how Moda describes this great collection.
Picture an ancient market in Zanzibar. Traders from Ceylon have crossed the Indian ocean braving the Barbary Coast pirates. They make their way to Zanzibar where they can trade spice for colorful cloth and other exotic treasures from far away lands. “ Trade Winds” captures the spirit of new discovery, and historic trade. Modern designs in vivid colors mix with ancient visual flavors to create a rich and timeless collection.

Love the colors combos. Very lively. Must be the hidden bohemian in me. haha
I've got a couple of ideas stirring around. Check back to see what I dream up.

June 13, 2012

Fresh Squeezed, a Juicy Quilt

Last month I mentioned my collection of flower dishes. Well . . . I have an even bigger collection of fruit and veggie dishes. It all started innocently enough with 3 fruit plates. Then another and another and another. Once again, they are mostly flea market finds just like the floral dishes. Before I knew it I had amassed quite a collection so when we remodeled our kitchen, one of my objectives was to incorporate some type of display area. Now I have space for all (well most) of my dishes.

The juicy dishes.

At about the same time this obsession started with the dishes along came all the delicious fruit and veggie fabrics. Of course it didn't take long before an equally large stash of fabrics developed. What can I say? They make me happy  : )  and I'm obsessed with more than fabric. As I collected the fabrics, the initial idea was to make one single quilt but somehow I could never imagine the right quilt. Then it hit me . . . make several quilts, each with their own fruity/veggie theme.

Think I have enough citrus fabrics?

I had the best time cooking up these delicious quilts. Fresh Squeezed, Fresh Baked, Fresh Picked, Vine Ripe to name a few. This summer I will rotate them into my kitchen/dining area starting off the summer with Fresh Squeezed.

"Fresh Squeezed" my juicy summer quilt.

See the great display in the background? Love it!

What better what to enjoy a hot summer day than with an ice cold glass of lemonade? So here's to summer and relaxing with a cold drink.

June 9, 2012

Summer and Submissions

Summer is here and I'm re-adjusting to a full house after our first year of the empty nest. Lots of chaos, piles and moving, but two young adults are mostly settled in for the summer and I'm finally getting back to the studio.

I'm in the midst of a home decor project for my daughter. Black and white fabrics to go with her fabulous black and white striped chair and create a little added flare to her room.

I'm thinking of submitting my idea for this project to a magazine (thus not many pics to share right now) and am wondering if anyone has experience with the submission process? It's a home decor project that is quilted and very modern in design. I've never submitted before so don't know the ins and outs. Do they want things that have never been published before including on a blog? Do you submit to one magazine at a time? How long does it take? etc etc etc. I have looked into online submission info on websites. Seems some sites don't readily share submission info. Perhaps they don't want unsolicited items. Right now I'm considering Stitch magazine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.