About Me

Hi! My name is Anne and I am a wife, mother and quilter living in Colorado. My professional background and education is in graphic design with several years working for design firms in Madison, WI, Richmond, VA, and Boulder, CO.  

After starting a family, I left the graphic design world behind to become a full time mom. While my children were little, I enjoyed sewing for them as well as for my home. But children don’t stay little forever and eventually the need for cute homemade clothes was no longer so cute or appreciated. 

I have always had a love of combining different fabric patterns and colors together. So what to do with this need to create and combine fabrics? Quilting of course! What better way to mix up lots of colors and patterns than with fabulous fabrics all cut up into little pieces and then sewn back together. Thus my obsession began in the most basic of ways. Little did I know that years later I would have accumulated a rather large stash, a pile of UFOs and WIPs and more sketches and ideas than I’ll ever have time for. 

Then, along came 2011 and my “mom” job became somewhat part time. With both kids in college, I decided to pursue my obsession for color, fabrics and design full-time. SpringLeaf Studios was born from a desire to share my passion with you and hopefully inspire you to “make it your own.”  

It’s a new season of my life and I am turning a new leaf in the next chapter. I’d love to have you join me.