May 1, 2012

Spring is Here

I LOVE spring! I'm a color person and after a long winter of drab colors, I'm so so ready for spring. Green is my favorite color. All the new little leaves emerging always feels so fresh and clean to me. And then there's the flowers and all their fabulous colors . . .

I can never have enough flowers. I'm such a sucker for picking up yet another little pot of something to bring home and plant in the garden. I can spend hours at the greenhouse trying to decide which colors to plant for the summer. Kind of like hours in the quilt shop drooling over all the fabric. I'm almost as bad buying flowers as I am buying fabric. 

I guess that's why I have so many floral fabrics in my stash. Sometimes I think gardening with fabric is easier than in real life. No watering everyday. Once you "plant" some florals in a quilt, they stay as bright and fresh as ever. And you don't have to weed. Gotta love that! 

Every spring, I bring the garden indoors by putting up some of my floral quilts and my floral ceramics collection. It makes the room feel new and fresh.

This is the quilt that takes center stage. I started it in a class taught by Sandy Bonsib a few years ago. It's made entirely from my floral stash. While the fabrics are pretty traditional and not what I buy these days, I never tire looking at all the individual prints and colors. I think that's the beauty of scrappy quilts. They offer so much eye candy. Every time you look at a scrappy quilt you can see something new.

And these are some of the floral ceramics I've picked up here and there mostly at flea markets. 

I love getting all these colorful floral quilts and dishes out every spring. 
It makes me happy. : )
Hope spring is renewing your quilting passion and making you happy.


  1. Green is my favorite fabric color (as evidenced by my stash)!!! I love those colorful ceramic pieces you showed in this post.

  2. It would make me happy too! Love the quilt and the ceramics!!

  3. your floral quilt is stunning - it certainly deserves center stage treatment!


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