May 20, 2020

Starting vs Finishing

You'd think being under stay-at-home orders I'd find time to blog. Sadly that hasn't been the case. I have been having fun playing with fabric combinations though. These are potential new quilts. Bright. Happy. Can't wait to start these.

I fell out of the blogging routine the year my daughter got married. Three years ago next month. I managed one post a month for the last 2 years but somehow this year it just completely dropped off. During that time I have been quilting. Really. I have. Just check out my Instagram @springleafstudios for quilting and my other IG account @springleafcolor for color inspiration.

It finally dawned on me that one of the biggest reasons I haven't kept up with blogging is because I tend to only write about finished quilts. And if you know me even a little, you know finishing isn't my strong point. I'm much much better at starting.

So instead of waiting for the next finish, I'm sharing where things are at the moment. Today. May 2020.

I have two new tops and the backing ready to send out for quilting. These two were both pieced during the Covid-19 quarantine and I'm anxious to finish them.

I also made a quarantine quilt I'm calling Looking on the Bright Side. Here's a portion of it. I'm not happy with the border so it's under contemplation. More later once I resolve what I want to do with it.

I have five quilts waiting for binding. Some of them have been quilted for a year. The binding is prepared. I even do most all my binding by machine now. What can I say? No good reason they aren't done. Top quilt here has priority because it's my new favorite. It's also the newest top to be quilted. Blog post soon I promise.

I have many projects in various stages of being cut or ready to piece. One of the top ones was for the 100 day project. I cut the circles and sewed the background blocks in anticipation of appliqueing a circle every day. Didn't happen. I don't think I'm cut out to do one small thing a day. I tend to be all or nothing.

The biggest UFO is my bento box quilt started as a demonstration for the QAYG presentation I did for my guild. That was in 2018! Once the presentation was over it was out of sight out of mind. But since my daughter claimed this one, I finally got back to it earlier this year. I'm doing spiral quilting on each big block and love the look. 17 down and 8 more to go. Hopefully I wrote down the measurements for the joining strips. It worked perfectly for the demo. Check out the QAYG posts here to learn more.

Here's a few photos of other projects and fabric pulls. Will I finish any of these anytime soon? Or will I start something completely new?

I hope you are finding time and motivation to quilt during Covid 19. Some days are better than others for me. Some days I'm fired up and can't wait to start the next quilt. Some days I'm not motivated for anything. Most days I should simply try to finish the projects already underway. Starting vs finishing. It will be an ongoing battle for me but at least it's progress. I always feel like I'm moving forward.

How about you? Are you moving forward on projects during quarantine?