January 16, 2017

Walk With Me

I admit that when the weather turns wintery, I'd much rather be inside with a cup of Earl Gray and a good book. There is something beautiful about freshly fallen snow though. I like the stillness. So here's my latest walk . . .

Snow means  . . .

Have you ever noticed how blue the shadows are on snow?

The trail is barely there. So peaceful . . .

Goose tracks. They don't seem to mind the snow.

I'd rather be sitting here with a beer soaking up the sun but it will be a few months yet.

This wintery white is beautiful but I'm kind of glad it's not going to last. It's supposed to be in the 50's for the next 3 days. Maybe another walk will be in order.

Have you taken any interesting walks lately?

I've created a Walk With Me tab at the top of my blog so now you can find links to all my walks in one place. If you like these white images, you might also take a look at my White post found under the Color Inspiration tab. Take a look and then go take a walk.  : )