February 3, 2012

My Colorful Studio

I love my studio!!!
It’s my favorite room in the whole house, so full of brightness, color and fabric. It’s the only room where I can actually live with the messiness and not go crazy. It’s usually a colorful chaos of fabric stacks, paper piles and stray threads. Plus kitty curled up in the rocking chair.

Since 2012 was the beginning of SpringLeaf Studios, it seemed only right to get a fresh start with a clean organized space. I even made a sign officially proclaiming it SpringLeaf Studios.

These photos show the “tidy” space. Even my machine was missing in action getting a much needed service and cleaning of it’s own.

A favorite spot is this tiny little side table which I redid with paint, color copies of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and Mod Podge.

One of these days I’ll make a slip cover for the rocking chair but for the time being a fleece throw does the trick.

My design wall features a rod with drapery clips across the top which allows me to hang a pieced top while still working on other designs on the flannel. Magazines and books are stored below and the shelf makes a handy step up for reaching the top of the wall.

Of course the clutter free look lasted about a day but that's ok. All those lovely fabrics just can’t be tucked away forever. They need a daily dose of stroking and admiring don’t you think?

Hope you like my studio. Thanks for stopping by.

This post has been updated with more and better photos which you can see here
Hop over and take a look. And thanks for coming to my studio for a visit.