August 17, 2013

My Colorful Studio

I always love seeing where people create. It's inspiring to see how creative people are with their space plus a great way to gather ideas for improving my own space.

There are a couple of studio tours going on right now. The Studio Spotlight hosted by Ellison Lane and The Sewing Loft which I'm linking up with here. And another called "Where I Sew" hosted by Pink Chalk Fabrics. So grab a cup tea or maybe a glass a wine, sit back and tour some wonderful, inspiring spaces. Enjoy!

I sewed for years in the living room of our tiny house when my kids were small. Then 7 years ago we put an addition on above the garage and I was able to carve out a space all to myself. It's a small room but it's all mine. Heaven. Absolute heaven. Welcome to my studio tour.

This is the window covering made from Kaffe Fabrics. Suspended in front is a clear sign made from vinyl of my blog/business name.  On the shelf above the window a little added inspiration.

This is what you see when you come down the hall and first enter my studio. The window blind is normally open and lets in lots of nice natural light. With a desk on one side and my sewing table on the other all I need to do is swivel around from one to the other. Works great.

My sewing table was a big splurge when we remodeled. Love the machine being lowered into the table. Don't think I could ever sew without it now. At the time I didn't envision the back of the table always being up but it works so well for the small ironing board that it's always fully extended now. I also have one of those huge cutting mats from JoAnn's which covers the entire surface. Very handy for trimming, basting small tops and lots of other things. Being able to easily lower the machine makes it quick to use. The big mat hangs in the hallway just outside my room. To the right of this picture is my design wall. Right in front of me while I sew. Once a block is ironed it goes back on the wall.

On the backside of the sewing table, underneath the iron, is where I store my newly sorted scraps as well as ongoing project boxes. It's easy to roll out a cart or simply pull out a drawer when looking for certain colored scraps. This is a huge improvement over my previous scrap storage which was no system at all. Just piles and more piles. Now I actually make a point of maintaining my scrap storage and it's been quite easy to find what I need.

These cabinets are actually kitchen cabinets repurposed for my studio. They hold a ton of stuff. More fabric than I should own, batting, UFOs, you name it and it's probably in there somewhere. The counter is just the right height for cutting. To the right is a lower area I use as my computer desk to work on pattern design and blogging plus a little too much online surfing at fabric shops and Pinterest.  : )

Above the counter are a series of shoe cubbies to store my primary stash. The fabrics are sorted according to general color/types and so far work really well but are a little on the full side. Definitely need to work from my stash. I just love being able to look up from my desk and see all that color. Keeps my in a constant state of inspiration. This is the brights cubbie . . .

This is the black/white/gray cubbie with a few mini collections mixed in.

This is the solids cubbie with a few groupings for future projects mixed in.

This is the Kaffe cubbie . . . my favorite fabric designer. I can never have enough of these beauties.

And the last cubbie is my collection of leafy prints along with fruit and veggie prints. More traditional but still wonderful.

Next to the last cubbie is a small inspiration board. Must admit I'm not very good at making use of it the way I envisioned. The little notes pads rarely get used, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. My paperwork/filing habits could definitely use some improvement.

The wall cabinets above the cubbies hold even more fabric, mostly more traditional in style. Above in the shelf area is a collection of glass colored vases picked up here and there from thrift stores. Another level of color that keeps things bright and cheery.

And last but not least is this glider from the days of rocking babies. It's seen better times and I'd like to paint and recover it but for the time being it works fine. It's a nice size for my small space and very relaxing for those late nights when I can't sleep and don't dare sew or I'd be up all night. Then it becomes my reading chair. Usually there is a kitty or two taking a nap here.

Next to the chair is an old night stand turned side table that I painted and decoupaged with copies of Kaffe prints. A tiny table but a real favorite. And a new spot for kitties to explore. Meet Leo.

I posted once before about my studio when I first started my blog so maybe you've already seen a lot of this. Looking back on that post, I realized how the photos needed improving. Hope you've enjoyed my new little tour. Hop over to the linky party and tour another sewing space.

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