October 13, 2012

"Fitting In" the Finished Tetris Quilt

Do you ever get so lost in the linky parties that you actually forget to write your own post about something? I think that's what happened with my finished Tetris quilt. I wanted to include it in the parade Melissa had so I took pictures in a hurry and added the final quilt to her site and simply forgot to write about it. 

I was reminded today that I hadn't posted about it here when I got an email from Priscilla asking about the colors I had used. For the record they are Kona cotton in Deep Blue, Pacifica, Lagoon, Jade Green, Chartreuse, Kiwi, Clover and White.

So here's the finished quilt. 

I'm calling it "Fitting In" which is appropriate on a couple of levels. The little side pieces in the border are trying to fit in and, as a newish blogger, I'm trying to find my best fit within the huge blogging world of quilty goodness. 

I love how it turned out. Simple straight line quilting so as not to distract from all the gridded pieces coming together.

You can see all the finished quilts in Melissa's Tetris Parade here. Have you finished your Tetris quilt? Hope so. : )