January 13, 2013

2013 Finish-A-Long 1st Quarter

I just happened upon Leanne's post about the Finish-A-Long a couple of days ago. Yes, I'm very behind in my blog reading. What can I say. It's another of my many New Years resolutions . . . getting better at blogging. Anyway, it seemed like the perfect time to commit to actually finishing a few things so I'm jumping in at the last minute.

To get a handle on my finished vs unfinished projects, I finally took an inventory last week as part of my big plan to get more organized and more accomplished in 2013. I really had no idea how many quilts I'd made over the years. I just knew there were far far too many unfinished ones. I'm embarrassed to admit just how many . . . maybe one of these days I'll confess.

So to start off the Finish-A-Long, I'm selecting just 2 of the many projects patiently awaiting completion.

The first is a small quilt inspired by a Valori Wells quilt a few years ago. I didn't like the direction it was taking and just kind of put it aside. But I do have a plan for finishing the top and it will be the perfect opportunity to try out a new machine quilting pattern that I'm thinking of using on another quilt. Good practice if nothing else.

The second, is a top I did back when I was first designing my pattern Facets. I've never gotten it quilted  and would really like to wrap it up. This too will be a good practice top for improving my free motion skills.

It's late so I'll figure out the button another time. Look forward to seeing what everyone else gets accomplished this quarter. Good luck to all.


  1. They're both really pretty quilts, and if you're concerned about FMQing them, I can assure you that the busy-ness of the patterns will hide any wobbles YOU might see. No one else will see them... and that's why we keep on trying to do good FMQing!

  2. Those are both beautiful quilts. You have put together some good colors.

  3. I'm ALWAYS behind in my blog reading, which is why you are getting three comments in one night. I'm sure people must wonder about me, but what can I say. I like looking at blogs, just don't always have time to do so.

    Love the Facets quilt top. You are one talented quilter!


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