February 20, 2013

WPI Wednesday

Do Wednesdays come up way to quickly for anyone besides me? I want to post every Wednesday but before I know it, it's Thursday. I really am getting lots of quilty things started and some of them even get finished. They just don't make it into blog posts. Got to work on that.

I 'm sharing my latest bee block for the Mid Century Modern Bee group this week. Cindy requested a winged square block based on this tutorial. It's been a fun block to make. Since the block reminded me of a butterfly, I pulled out my only butterfly fabric. A fun fat quarter of Jane Sassman fabric from awhile ago. There have already been several blocks made that include orange so I went with yellow instead. Orange would look really good too. Hope Cindy likes it.

For me, the hardest part of making a bee block is deciding which fabrics to use. I think choosing fabric for just a single block is harder than for a whole quilt. At least with a whole quilt you can spread the love of all your fabrics around by using lots and lots of them. But a single block . . . it's just hard to settle on which fabrics to use. Probably why it takes me till the end of the month to get my block done. Anyone else have that problem?

Emerald Green paint chips

I've also been seeking as many emerald green fabrics as I can find for a new pattern I'm planning. Green has always been one of my favorite colors. However my green stash leans more toward the yellow end so finding emeralds has given me an excuse to go fabric shopping.  : ) Not sure I've found all the right greens yet. The second and third from the left are definitely in question. Maybe too dark, maybe too olive. Wish there were a few more emerald choices in the modern style.

Emerald Fabric Swatches
Stay tuned for what I hope will be a nice take on the Pantone year of Emerald Green.

And to all you lucky quilters going to QuiltCon  . . . I'm so jealous. Have FUN!!!