June 13, 2013

Scraps, Scraps, Scraps

So what do you consider a scrap?

It seems I have a hard time letting go of even the tiniest bits of fabric.
The teeny tiny skinny strips I trim from the edges.
The little triangles leftover from sewing binding strips together.
The selvage edges that don't even have cool stuff along the edge.

So today, in desperate need of a way to store the real scraps that are piling up, not to mention the teeny tiny stuff that I just can't throw away, I tore into my studio with good intentions of getting organized. Needless to say, I'm not remotely finished but things are getting better.  : )

How do you store your scraps? For that matter what do you consider a scrap?
I'd love to know what other people do.


  1. If I can cut 1-1/2" squares from a scrap, then I do so, and keep those little squares for sewing machine leaders and enders. If a scraps is smaller than 1-1/2" I toss the fabric in a big bag. When the bag's full, I take it to a sewing group that uses the pieces to make pet beds for an animal shelter.

    I store uncut scraps that are too small to fold for storage in my stash cabinet in canvas bins. I have an eight-square cubical cabinet with eight Martha Stewart canvas bins labeled by color. I like being able to take each handled bin to my cutting table to rummage through for project pieces.

    But I sure understand about getting scraps under control. It's a really big project to begin with, and then once you get it organized you have to keep after it so it doesn't get away from you again. Have fun pulling it all together!

  2. I store my scraps in buckets that I've bought bird seed in. If it's under an inch I don't keep it, thoughas the previous lady said a lot of those goes for lead pieces. Though I do keep little bits that have bondaweb on the back ... just in case.

  3. If a scrap of fabric is the size of a postage stamp it's big enough to be full of promise. When the catch-all scrap bucket on the sewing table is full it gets sorted by color into the "teeny scraps" small bins. Which are now all full. I dream that I will look upon these bins with a clear eye some day, say to myself, "this is ridiculous," and toss all the contents out so at the very least I'll have some room to start over. Sadly, that may never happen.

  4. SUCH a dilemma. When I was making my Kona color card quilt, I put all those pretty teensy scraps (like your second picture) in a jar, just because I like looking at it. I never know what to do with the triangle corners I cut off--I have bags of them.

  5. I save it all too. I have to be very frugal. And I recycle fabric from clothing and such also.

  6. I have to be very stern with myself and toss toss toss, otherwise, as a charter member of the I Can Use This Someday I'd Better Save It Club, I would be overwhelmed. Occasionally I'll save a few scraps of decent size (over 4") and recently I began cutting fabrics into 2, 3, and 2-1/2 inches squares, but why? I don't know--everyone else is, so I thought I ought to.

    I have one drawer for scraps and a handful of bags with theme scraps (Kaffe, etc). but that's it. I need to leave room for my fabric!



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