March 3, 2014

Kite Tails

How many of you are TIRED of winter and ready for spring? Me too!!!

The warmer, brighter days are definitely stirring feelings of spring and summer so I thought it was about time I shared a summery fresh project with you. This quilt was part of the January/February issue of Generation Q magazine. Since it's now March and their new issue is coming out it's about time I catch up and share.

This kid's quilt came about when I sent some designs to Generation Q for their block builder series way last spring. For this challenge they provide a square with a few lines . . . you design a quilt block based on the starter. If you haven't tried this, I definitely urge you to give it a go. They'd love it if you did. Plus it's a great prompt to get the creative juices flowing. Learn more about it here.

Below you can see the starter block they provided on the top left and the block I designed next to it on the right. When I send in my block builder ideas I always include a layout of how it would look in a quilt. The folks at GenQ liked it so much they asked me to make it into a quilt for the magazine!

We went with a different color scheme of scrappy black and white prints with bright color accents in shades of orange, pink, blue and green. I think it would look great in lots of different color schemes. Some of my early sketches included the all blue one above and also a scrappy one with loads of color. You could use just about anything. It's a basic string quilt with a twist. A perfect place for all those leftover strips.

Kite Tails was made way last summer when the grass was green and there were leaves on the trees. It was a breezy day when we took the picutres so we tried hard to get her to fly but no such luck. Perhaps if my hubbie had gotten on the roof?

Karen Dovala of The Quilted Moose did the quilting using a swirly cloud design that was just perfect. It added wonderful texture and movement plus a hint of color as the thread was a very light blue.

As a bonus, I made a little kite complete with a tail from a leftover block. I think this would be so cute hanging on the wall in a nursery or kid's room. Alas, my kids are way way too big for this but someday I'll find just the right reason to make another one for someone special.

I used a cloud print and solid scraps for the back.

When I went to Quilt Market last fall, GenQ had my quilt hanging in their booth. A wonderful unexpected surprise! It added to the pleasure of getting to meet them in person. Thanks guys.

For anyone who hasn't seen Generation Q magazine, please take a look. They are so nice to work with. I seriously suggest you give their Block Builder a try. It's fun and you never know what might come of your ideas. It could lead to being published.    : )

Shortly after GenQ came out, so did the spring issue of Stitch which I also have a small project in. I'll share that little project later this week.

These things happen so far in advance that they always seems so out of season at the time you're making them. Now they seem just right. Spring is on the way . . .  wahoo !!!

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  1. Love the bonus kite and the fun pics. I heart that cloud backing fabric too! Congrats!

  2. That is such a great quilt! Beautiful. Great action shot in you're 2nd photo.

  3. How clever! I just stare at those little puzzles and get nowhere! Love your quilt tho!

  4. Your work is just gorgeous!! It's no wonder that you are published!

  5. Very fun! Great idea for string blocks : )

  6. Oh my! This is simply fabulous! Someone should tie you down to a design board so you can create more lovely designs for everyone. You're just so talented! I adore your kite quilt, though I'm always a sucker for pretty much anything that's stringed. You make me want to pull mine out right now and get to sewing! Wish Gen Q magazine was available in stores. I don't have a subscription, but maybe I need to get one. Anyway, I'm very proud of you, and always brag to friends who see your designs, "I am in a bee with her!" :-)

  7. P.S. Just went to and will be ordering this issue of Gen Q.

  8. Anne, that's so exciting! I really, really like this quilt design and agree with Linda that you are so talented!

  9. This is SUCH a great design and your quilt is beautiful--the combination of brights with black and white is always one of my favorites.

  10. Anne, your touch is golden on all your designs! Congrats!
    I did wonder which quilt was displayed at Market as you had mentioned it, but had to keep mum. It's gorgeous!

  11. Loved it so much, had to make my own from scraps! Here is a pic:
    Will definitely follow your site. Liz in Houston


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