October 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Don't be too shocked . . . I've written two post in two days after two weeks of being missing in action. October is my month to be queen bee in both the bees I belong to. My first thought was to have both groups do the same block so I'd have enough for a bigger sized quilt. Sounded good but in the long run I opted for different blocks from each group.

I'm having my local modern guild make Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks in blues, aquas and greens. It will probably become a baby sized quilt for a charity donation somewhere down the road. I didn't realize just how many aquas and greens I really had until I pulled them out to press and cut the strips. It would have been easier if they hadn't needed pressing in order to cut accurate strips. Made quite the mess. A good mess but a mess none the less.

I'd like to dig into my older fabrics and cut tons of strips to make more scrappy trip blocks and use up the stash bit by bit. I really love the look of all Scrappy Trip quilts and it's a perfect block for making a block here and there when time allows. Especially if the strips are cut and ready. If you haven't already tried this method by Quiltville, here's the tutorial link. If only I had a few quilty elves to cut and clean up for me while I sleep, I'd get lots of blocks made and use up lots of fabric.  : )

My other bee is an online group where we work from our stash so it offered the perfect chance to test a new block design and see what develops when a scrappy approach is used. Don't know what to expect but it will be fun to play once all the blocks arrive. I'm loving this gray/green combo.

In the mean time it's nice not to have blocks to make this month. Gives me time to work on my QuiltCon entries. I'm still hoping to get a couple of quilts done in time to enter. I also just designed a quilt for our modern guild to enter in the QuiltCon charity challenge. We'll be starting it at the next sew day toward the end of the month. Like always, I love the design part . . . just need to get more of the sewing done.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Always fun to see what everyone is working on.


  1. I absolutely love the colors you are working with. If you have any luck finding those elves, please send them to me when you are done with them!

  2. Your post sounded so much like me!!! From the infrequent to frequent posts to the need for tidy elves. Elves at my house make an outstanding mess and never clean up!!! Thanks for the giggle

  3. I love the colors that you used in your Scrappy Quilt. I think it will be beautiful.
    The Elves at my house took one look in my sewing room and went on strike.

  4. Isn't that a lovely combination for your scrappy trip blocks. Beautiful

  5. Green and aqua...what a great idea for the scrappy trip......or any quilt! Love!!

  6. I had a great time making your block. Will look forward to the final version in a few months. Keep designing--you've got amazing skills!



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