November 25, 2014

Shop Small . . . Smile Big : )

With Thanksgiving just two days away and black friday around the corner it's that time of year when, like it or not, the retail world seems to take over our lives. Personally I've never been a black friday shopper  . . . just the opposite actually. I dislike the notion of stores opening earlier and earlier every year and choose not to participate. But even if I don't rush out at the crack of dawn (or the late dark hours nowadays), I still shop the big box stores to get some of my Christmas shopping done.

This year though I have some new ideas for holiday shopping thanks to my daughter. It all stems from a greater appreciation for all the small businesses and handmade artisans trying to survive in this cut throat retail environment. Wonderful little hometown shops right here in Louisville for one. My own daughter for another.

As many of you know, Emily has her own jewelry business, Emily Claire Studio,  and has been quite busy doing weekend markets. After spending countless hours preparing, transporting, setting up, selling and smiling these past two weekends, she had some advice for me. Smile. Just smile at the vendor and say hello. She loves shoppers who are willing to say hello and engage in a little conversation. It makes her day when someones buys her jewelry but even if they don't buy she really appreciates the kindness and the smiles.

Emily made up this little chalkboard sign for her blog post and I thought I'd share it. LOVE that girl!

This weekend, she and I will be shopping local and supporting Small Business Saturday. We'll also be hitting a few other handmade markets with hopes of supporting fellow artisans. And we will smile and say hello.

Regardless of when and where you shop, I encourage you to be kind and smile too. It will definitely make you feel better and just might make someone else's day.

If you're traveling, be safe. Enjoy family and friends. Be thankful. Eat too much. Laugh even more.
And SMILE . . .  : )

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Amen to that. We had another little clothing shop close that's been here forever. So sad. I do shop local. Very seldom do I shop online. I like to touch what I'm buying ; )

  2. Agree with you about this! I hate what the retail stores do, and avoid box stores like the plague. In fact, I will likely do all my shopping online this year. I know that runs counter to what you're suggesting here, but buying locally doesn't give me the options I need. Sadly, it's usually UPS and FedEx who are the big winners during this season.

  3. So agree with this and love the chalkboard sign! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I, too, avoid the fiasco of Black Friday sales. Doesn't hurt that we're 70 miles away from the nearest Box Store! Shopping local is our mantra. I love Emily's advice to smile at vendors and say hello - I've been there and done that, and it's a little intimidating to put yourself out there and hope someone likes your wares enough to spend money on them. Smiling is good!


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