August 26, 2015

Catching Up

I haven't been sewing much this summer. Plenty of ideas, not to mention things I need to be sewing. But it's summer  . . . what more can I say.    : )

Since it's the end of the month already, it's high time I to got my act together and made my August bee block for the MidCenturyModern Bee. Mary of Molly Flanders asked for a basket block. I loved making basket blocks back in May for Carla so it was fun to do them again. Why did I wait?

Mary has a real vintage style about her work and I don't have a lot of fabric that fits that bill but I thought this sweet floral had a vintage vibe. My only problem was not refreshing my memory on what Mary asked for until I'd already made this one. She asked for neutral backgrounds. Not sure this blue print really counts as a neutral so I'm going to make another today. Hopefully she'll find a use for both.

These baskets are really easy blocks to make. I followed Elizabeth's tutorial so as not to reinvent the wheel. Seriously. Why struggle through when someone has figured it out for you?

I also managed to get this top sewn together over the weekend. I pulled out a box of finished blocks that hadn't been sewn together and took it to guild sew day. Remember when Emerald was the Pantone color of the year? Yep. That's how old these blocks are. So nice to make a little progress. Who knows when it will be quilted though.

Somewhere along the line I changed directions for the design and made this quilt instead. That's why the Emerald blocks languished till now.

I still really like the Emerald blocks so it was a good project to grab and go. Having a project or two sitting in the wings ready to take makes it easy when sew day is suddenly upon me and I haven't had time to gather something else. These nifty 12" x 12" scrapbook boxes made by Iris work really well for this. My Drunkard's Path is stored in one of them.

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What have you been up to this summer?

Be sure to check out Mary's shop, Sunny Day Fabric. She and her sister have some wonderful selections including notions that you usually don't find at your average shop plus lots of sweet fabrics.



  1. I love your quilt, the colours are so beautiful, like a summers day here in England

  2. Your basket is darling and the quilt is fabulous in those colors.

  3. Love the green quilt! I am sure Mary will be able to make use of the blue basket! It would be a shame not to!

  4. I love the emerald green pattern ....I especially love what you did with it and your choice of colors. What is that pattern ? I would love to make it but with your changes is absolutely my style!!

  5. Such a gorgeous quilt!! I just made my basket tonight. Not perfect, but I hope it's ok

  6. So nice to see the powerful use of color in your work. I know I have a lot of WIP's to pull out and finish, and somehow the colors seem 'out of season' for here in Ohio. You've changed my mind. I think your emerald green is a wonderful example of how a simple pattern can be manipulated into something very dramatic with just a tweak of the color in the HST. Brilliant!

  7. That is a gorgeous quilt! Love the colours, so bold and pretty.

  8. Lovely quilt! As for emerald green, IMO that counts as a very recent color of the year, in stash years.

  9. I think your Emerald blocks are too fabu -- and who cares which color is the Color of the Year? You know, if you put on alternating red and green borders, you could go Christmasy with it and claim that you "meant to do that." ;-) Also, your drunkard's path blocks are looking very enticing with all their Kaffee Fassett fun. I bought one of those exact same storage boxes to keep everything together for my neverending needle turned applique project, to prevent me from cannibalizing the fabrics for other projects!

  10. So gorgeous! Well, everything in here is gorgeous, but I love that quilt on the bed. Your amazing color work never ceases to amaze me. Glad you were able to use the tutorial--I barely got mine done this month in time, too, and glad I had the tutorial so I didn't have to rethink it all. (I like the little blue print.) Always fun to read your blog--keep up the good work!


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