November 18, 2016

Walk With Me

Time for another walk. Are you ready?

I love taking walks in the fall.
I love kicking up the leaves and hearing them crunch beneath my feet.
I love the colors of fall . . . yellows, golds, oranges, reds.

This walk was all about color . . .

The soft yellow and gold in the photo above was a happy accident as I didn't realize the camera setting was on soft. The painterly quality of the image is just lovely. In another life, I'd love to be a painter. I dabble here and there but have little real training. My aunt was a wonderful watercolor artist and I believe I inherited her artistic side.

As I walked, I noticed that some trees are still completely full of leaves and beautiful glowing colors. The range of colors here is just amazing . . .

On the other hand, some trees have only a handful of leaves still hanging on set against an intense clear blue sky . . .

The park nearby has this lovely mini grove of trees. The band of bright green running through the middle of the photo caught my eye.

The intensity of the reds is always beautiful. Colorado falls are mostly yellows and golds so the really red reds here and there are a real treat . . .

The golden tones of ornamental grasses simply glow this time of year . . .

After all the beautiful colors, this is what I found outside my back door this morning. White! We've had a lovely long fall but this was bound to happen sooner or later . . . 

I'm hanging on to fall just like this last little leaf . . . 

In case you're wondering, I am still sewing. A little. Just not as much as usual because we've got some house projects that are eating into my time right now. 

Hope you enjoyed another walk with me. Each time I go out now I find myself looking at things in a whole new way. Try it. You might be surprised at what you actually see.



  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful fall photos. I love this time of year!

  2. Wonderful colour but what a change to wake up to snow!

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk with us Anne! I did think about the clouds in the sky and the rowers on the river this morning as I walked! Mindfulness is very popular, so I think you are onto something here!

  4. The third photo would make a great quilt design and palette...

  5. i love all these photos. We haven't had snow yet...but it's coming soon. I think we will get rain tomorrow.

  6. Those colors are just gorgeous, but I am sure that white stuff will end the colors quickly.

  7. We have no snow yet and the Sun Valley ski mountain, Baldy, is due to open Thursday. Thank goodness they have the ability to make A LOT of man-made snow. Crazy, eh? I love the photo of all the red and green leaves. You always have such an eye for color!

  8. Absolutely stunning photography, Anne! Really gorgeous pictures. Love seeing the variety of colors which we do not see here in Florida. But the light here is so different, with a special glow to it, that it's enough compensation for the lack in anything, pretty much, except green. Though I do love my yellow hibiscus, purple plumbago, and red bottle brush. Thankfully, the white stuff is missing, unless you want to call it sand! Thanks for the beautiful walk-about. And you know, it's okay to blog about household stuff. Certainly, that's what I've been doing and blogging about for the past couple weeks. It's part of life, even if it isn't sewing.

  9. Thank you for sharing your stunning photographs. The leaves didn't change color this year in our area. They turned brown and fell off with the first freeze last week.

  10. Oh my. That soft golden landscape just takes my breath away, as do your other photos. You really provide so much enjoyment for those of us with a ever-green landscape. Thank you!


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