March 22, 2017

Walk With Me . . .

I've picked up the pace of my daily walking since the first of the year and it feels great. Unfortunately I haven't kept up the same pace with my blogging posts so it's time for a little catch up. These photos cover walks over a period of time, but they do have a common theme.

I walk on all sorts of terrain. Crushed rock trails like the one behind my house. Roads. Mountain trails. Boardwalks. Grassy trails. And of course concrete sidewalks.

Regardless of the trail surface, I need to spend a fair amount of time watching my step.
Here are a few of the things I see when I'm looking down.

It fascinates me how the simplest of things can capture my attention if I look for them. If I just pay attention. Things like the shadow from a seed pod . . .

The cracks in the sidewalk . . .

Or the cracks in parched soil . . .

Things left behind and blown around . . .

Things peeking through . . .

Interesting surface textures . . .

And tracks left by those who went before me  . . .

I love to isolate details of line and shape with my camera. To focus in on how they can be cropped into pleasing compositions. I'm amazed at how a simple group of cracks in the pavement can be cropped into numerous compositions. Try it the next time you go for a walk.

Least you think I spend all my time staring at my feet, I'll leave you with this beautiful composition of line found far above my head . . .

Do you enjoy walking? The weather is getting nicer and nicer so get outside and take in some fresh air. It's time for me to take another walk. See you later.  : )

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  1. I certainly enjoyed my walk with you today. It is really amazing what you see when you take the time to look. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I really loved them.

  2. My husband and I try to go for a walk together every night. We can walk to and from dinner: 4 miles. Our typical walk is a 3 mile loop. If we are tired, we go for 2 miles, and if the weather is bad we try to get in a quick 1 mile walk. :) Being out in nature and having time to decompress is really fundamental for me, and it is nice to have the time to notice the details like you shared today.

  3. Wow these are some awesome photos! I love the birds on the line! Glad that you taught me to look around at the world this way <3

  4. Now that is inspiring! I often wish I had my camera with me to photograph the texture and patterns that I see. Wonderful post!

  5. Such beautiful photos! I love the details you grab with your camera, giving all of us a sense of being on a walk with you (which would be great). I admire Yvonne's walking schedule, and know that I do always feel better after a walk. I look forward to going on them again as the recovery progresses, as now I can only manage a mile, but that's good for me!

  6. I'm lucky to live in a place where it is possible to walk nearly year round, except when it is too hot and humid! In fact I try to get in 12,000 steps a day. Sadly that means my sewing sessions are either cut short or don't occur til after dinner! Your photos are delightful Anne! I love the ones with the interesting shadows and light, like the paving and the seed pod!

  7. I love seeing your walk through YOUR eyes. I would have missed all those great close-ups, and design ideas. I CAN see quilts in these pictures. And now I'm even more excited to follow-up on a challenge presented to me by Anne Sullivan (Playcrafts). She asked me what made me happy, and I promptly told her that learning to play the ukulele this year has made me happy. It's fun! She then told me to interpret that in a quilt. I've taken photos of my uke, and now plan to enlarge and manipulate those pictures to come up with a design. Guess I'm happiest when someone tells me what to do! :-)

  8. Your photos are amazing - so graphical and really showing the Colorado light.


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