August 12, 2012

Tetris Block 4

Week 4 of the Tetris QAL and I had a little catching up to do. I'm so addicted to playing each Tuesday that I can't wait for Melissa to give us our shapes of the week. And since I have it set up in Illustrator it's so easy to keep playing with different layouts that sometimes I don't stop myself and move on to sewing. That's what happened last week. So this week I caught up and sewed both blocks.

week 3 block

week 4 block

Sewing two blocks isn't really a big deal but it did make me realize it's much better to keep up. Procrastination is usually my middle name, so the fact that I'm keeping up is pretty satisfying if I do say so myself.  : )   I even have a pretty good idea of how I'd like to finish up the quilt top. Here's what all 4 blocks look like together. I love how the white pops.

All 4 blocks so far

How about you? Are you keeping up? From what I've seen it looks like there are going to be lots of very nice quilts as a result of this fun QAL. For those of you using black instead of white for the empty spaces I think it looks very striking. Looking forward to seeing everyone's finished quilts. Keep going, the end is in sight!

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