March 6, 2013


Welcome to anyone visiting from Lee's WIP Wednesday.

My WIP for March is my emerald green quilt. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was seeking emerald greens. Not sure I have all the right colors yet but I'm getting there. Do you ever feel like there are just too many color choices and yet when it gets down to finding the ones you have in mind it's not so easy?  It was certainly fun to look at all the green paint chips though.

I've started with the greens I'm pretty sure I'll use and have begun to make half square triangles. Lots of HSTs. I find the repetition of sewing the same block over and over rather satisfying. Makes me feel like I'm getting something accomplished when I end up with a nice long string of chain pieced squares. Here's a few HSTs. I think they look like the paint chips don't you?

I've got big plans for this quilt. It's slated to become my 3rd pattern. The pattern design didn't start out as an Emerald green quilt but once Pantone announced Emerald as the color of the year and I reviewed the design I realized they were destined to be together. As usual, I'll have several other color options to show too. I just can't stop designing once I get started.  : )

Hope you're having a productive sewing month too.


  1. I'm working on an HST quilt, too, at the moment. Looking forward to this one. :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with the HSTs!

  3. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the greens. I wished I'd been a little more on the ball for the Emerald Challenge. The lollies took all my time, but I can't really complain about that!

  4. I love the emeralds and would so much like to make an emerald quilt of my own. I just want someone to pick the emeralds FOR me!

  5. Those are some gorgeous HSTs! I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful!


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