March 18, 2013

We Have 2 Winners!

The Quilter's Blog Party was my very first time participating in a giveaway and I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I had lots of fun visiting the other participating blogs as well as the blogs of people who commented on my giveaway. I found some wonderful new blogs to follow and hope you did too. All this online inspiration is simply amazing. 

Thanks to all of you who became a new follower of mine and to those of you faithful followers who came to visit. I had a winner from both camps, one new, one faithful. Love that!

Now, on to the winners .  .  .

First up is Amy from (Amy's) Crafty Shenanigans who said:
"New follower and looking forward to seeing more :) I absolutely LOVE cascade - and the colors that it has been done in - true inspiration thanks!!!"

And the second winner is Carla from Lollyquiltz who said:
"Anne, your patterns are all so great and I'm excited at the chance of winning one! If you pick my name, I'd choose the Cascade. Thanks a bunch!"

Seems Cascade was the pattern of choice for most of you.

Although there were many votes for Facets too.

For those of you who commented and didn't win you can purchase my patterns through my Etsy shop. I hope you will come back and visit often. I have a new pattern in the works right now with more to come this year. 

Happy quilting, Anne


  1. Wow thank you Anne - it is a really wonderful pattern - THANK YOU so much!!!

  2. Yay for Carla (Lollyquiltz) to win. A nicer person couldn't have been picked!

  3. Thank you, Anne! I'm so pumped about winning your great pattern!!

  4. Aw. Lucky girls. No worries--I've got to jump over and buy them both for myself. I'm also dying to see what you're working on now--(didn't you say you had something in the works?).



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