October 16, 2013

Four-in-Art; My Art Quilt Journey

I've been asked to join an art challenge group called Four-in-Art. Elizabeth of OPQuilt was so inspired by seeing the quilts made by the Twelve by Twelve artists that she posted on her blog wondering if anyone would want to make little art quilts with her. The group originally began with four members making four small art quilts a year based on chosen themes. Each quilter creates their own interpretation of the theme and the quilts are shared via blogs and Flickr. After their first year they decided to expand and I jumped at the chance when Elizabeth asked.

I've kept a sketch book of quilt ideas for years. I've poured over art quilting books for years. Have I actually made what I would consider an art quilt?  Nada nope . . .  not yet. But thanks to Elizabeth and Four-in-Art that's about to change.

The overriding theme for the coming year will be Urban. Now that in and of itself will be a stretch for this small town girl. I am most definitely not a city person and have no desire to be. But the first topic within the urban theme is Maps. Maps I can do. I love maps. Have a whole box of old maps. Love aerial views too. Have a book on aerial views from space. So this first topic will be a great place to begin my art journey. The hard part is trying to decide what approach to take.

With aerial views in mind, I started by pulling some fabrics that might work with my idea.

Next I started cutting and ended up with this . . .
Don't we all end up with this somewhere along the way?

Then I started sewing and things began to look like this . . .
Notice the seam ripper. It got put to good use.

I'm linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesdays. Since the reveal for our finished art quilts is quickly approaching, this is a WIP that needs to get done pretty soon. Tune in November 1st and see how my first "art" quilt turned out. I can't wait for the first reveal to see what everyone else did.    : )

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  1. Your idea is looking lovely and reminds me of the view from my airplane last week. I am glad you have joined the group.

  2. oh so pleased for you to join this group - will be anxious to see what you make!

  3. The seam ripper is a friend of mine too! Looking forward to your reveal!

  4. I love your color/fabric choices. I'm very intrigued by art quilts and have enjoyed seeing Elizabeth's. Now I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

  5. Sounds very interesting .........good luck and enjoy the journey. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  6. Great start, Anne! I'm sue your quilt will be so awesome...looking forward to the big reveal.

  7. Ack!!! You've started and I'm still just thinking about it!! This weekend. For sure, this weekend.

    Can't wait until the reveal!


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