November 11, 2013

Quilt Market; the People

It's been exactly 2 weeks since getting home from Quilt Market. And exactly 2 weeks since getting the crummy cold that drained me of all energy. The cold is still lingering but so are the wonderful memories of Market so I'm finally posting about my experience.

This was my very first time attending and it has taken me days to process it all. What can I say? Quilt Market was AMAZING and very very overwhelming. A visual overload of the most colorful creative variety imaginable. At the beginning of this year I never imagined I would even go to Quilt Market. Now I can hardly wait to go again. : )

The convention center is HUGE. Can't even get a photo of the entire building.

The main reason I decided to go was this . . .

I entered "Rhythm & Blues" into the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase and was honored to have it selected as one of seventeen quilts chosen to represent the modern movement in quilting at both Market and Quilt Festival. It even made it into the Market brochure listing all the classes and exhibits going on.
Needless to say this was our first stop when we entered the show. I'll show some of the fabulous quilts from the exhibit in another post.

Once I saw my quilt, we headed into the exhibition hall in search of the Generation Q Magazine and Interweave Press. I've been fortunate to work with both of these publishers and hoped to meet the editors in real life. We came across the Interweave booth first where I was excited to see the issue with my project on the cover being displayed.

Met some of the great sales people and in talking with them found out Marlene lives just blocks from me in small town Louisville. Couldn't believe that one. Amber is the editor I have worked with and we saw her several times on the floor in deep conversion with various people. In retrospect I wish I had interrupted because I never got to meet her in person. Hi Amber . . . I saw you!

Next up was GenerationQ Magazine where I was very surprised to see a quilt I made for them hanging in their booth. It hasn't been published yet and I didn't expect to see it there so that was a thrill. When I introduced myself to Vickie who was manning the booth she jumped right up and gave me the biggest hug. I had not had any direct contact with her before and yet she instantly made me feel so welcome. Thanks Vicki, you were just what I needed to start my Market experience. Eventually I was able to meet the rest of the GenQ team and there were lots more hugs all around. They truly were all just so nice that I feel blessed to know people like Jake and Scott in the industry. Go buy one of their magazines and help this great start-up. They're on a roll now publishing 6 times a year.

Vicki Tymczyszyn and my daughter Emily and I in the GenerationQ booth
Jake Finch and Scott Hansen, my main GenerationQ contacts.

I have to say that one of the things that stood out about Market was the people. And I will admit to being a little (ok, A LOT) star struck by seeing people like Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner and Kaffe Fassett. For those of you who know my work, you know I'm a huge fan of Kaffe's fabrics so it was a thrill just to get my picture taken with him and be able to give him my business card with a pic of my pattern Cascade on the back which features his fabrics. He loved the quilt which was quite flattering.

Kaffe and I . . . I match his quilt.

If you ever get the chance to go to Market, GO!!  Just be prepared. I wish someone had given me a first-timers guide on how to do it all. Looking back now I realize I spent most of the time in complete awe and didn't do nearly as much as I could have/should have. It's such an overload of visual stimulation that I simply didn't take in all the details and didn't realize it till I was home.   : (  
But there's always next time right?   : )

Definitely one of the best things about the entire trip was that my lovely and talented daughter Emily came along for the adventure. Market wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without her and it certainly would have been more intimidating if it hadn't been for her. Thank you Emily for being such a strong supporter of my quilting.

Hop over to her Etsy shop Emily Claire Studio and see the fabulous jewelry she makes. She's wearing one of her pieces in the pic below. Isn't it great?

I'll be posting more about the booths, the quilts and other Market things in the coming days so stay tuned. Might even be a giveaway tucked in there somewhere.


  1. Isn't it amazing?! How was sample spree? Did you et elbowed? LOL

  2. I remember seeing your quilt at QuiltCon, how wonderful that you got to go to market and see it and all the rest there.

  3. How wonderful, excited for you!!!

  4. Market is a wonderful thing! Congratulations on having your quilt in the exhibit - that's brilliant!!

  5. Okay, next time I want to be Emily and go along with you!! Just kidding, but I'm so glad you went and that you had a great time, meeting all the stars and seeing them in person. Of course, in my book YOU are the star, because of that lovely quilt and of course, Cascades. I'm happy also that you were able to meet your publishers of the magazines you've worked with -- always a treat!

    And welcome home!

  6. What an amazing time it must have been! So great that your quilts were there in real ice and on magazines. No wonder you are looking forward to going again, especially if Emily is able to go too.

  7. I hope you are feeling better now Anne. Thanks for sharing your Market experiences. It is definitely on my bucket list. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Congrats on the press you and your quilts are getting!

  8. I had so much with you mom! I was so inspired by all these people doing what they love and creating a world of fabric and patterns and visual inspiration. I'm happy to be your partner for any future markets and I'm so glad we went to this one! I can see you and I with our own booth ;)
    (and thanks for that shout-out xo)
    <3 Em

  9. So glad that you got to go! I completely understand your response to it, having been several times myself. Yes, it's sensory overload, for sure! I thought you dressed in appropriate colors, as it looked like you not only coordinated with Kaffe's quilt, but also your hanging on the magazine cover. Sorry to know you got sick afterward. Travel and not enough sleep are likely the culprits for lowering your resistance. Take care.

  10. What a great post. Your quilt definitely deserved to be in such esteemed company. I admit to being star struck too.


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