December 5, 2013

Quilt Market: Houston the City

I wrote up this post some time ago and then got side tracted and forgot to publish it. Tell me Im not the only one to do this.

Hope you're not too tired of hearing about Quilt Market. This post isn't really Market at all but rather a tiny sliver of Houston. I had never been there before and it's big. Highways everywhere. Needless to say, we had a few wrong turns and wrong exits but never got lost so it wasn't bad.

We arrived on Friday afternoon. Too late for schoolhouse which I'm sorry to have missed but we just couldn't fit it all in. Spent a bit of time walking around downtown taking pictures.

I love the contrast between the buildings and nature.

One of Emily's photos . . . she has a great eye for photography.

Loved these trees. Does anyone know what kind they are?
They are everywhere and create a lovely tunnel effect in the residential areas.

We also enjoyed the art around town. These sculptures are part of Discovery Green Park directly across the street from the convention center. This park made for a great escape to take in the sun and fresh air plus grab lunch away from the market chaos.

"Monument Au Fantome" by Jean DuBuffet a 20th century French sculptor.
The tallest piece here is 33 feet. Maybe evidence that everything's bigger in Texas?

Part of a fountain in Discovery Green Park. Very refreshing when the heat builds up.
I think I see quilting lines here don't you?

Does anyone see a quilt design here?

On Sunday, we took a little time away from Market to visit the Rothko Chapel, The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and the Houston Center for Photography.

"Broken Obelisk" by Barnett Newman in a reflecting pool.
 Rothko Chapel entrance is in the background.

These are all small intimate places and don't require a lot of time. But each museum had something to inspire and motivate our creative spirits. It was also a lovely day and great to recharge our Market batteries before returning for the last day and our departure for home.

A few shots of my usual photography adventures . . . seeking out leaves and trees wherever I go.

An odd mix for a post, but this is how I "do" a city. Always looking for the natural element.
Hopefully the city experience will help with the "Urban" small art quilts we are doing in the Four-in-Art group. Next topic is structures due February 1st.

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  1. Wow, you got some great photos of awesome things!

  2. Thanks for sharing the graphic beauty of Houston. I've been there myself, but never appreciated it this way. I'm pretty sure that tree is a live oak. They're all over here in The Villages, sometimes forming a tunnel along a main thoroughfare. When a live oak is dripping with Spanish moss, or seen on a foggy morning, it's magnificent.

  3. This is a lovely post. I always look for interesting architecture--especially windows and doors, my personal favorites. I also particularly enjoy the picture of your daughter in front of that colorful quilt-looking sculpture.

  4. Now I want to go back and see that Rothko chapel! I'm a fan of his work, with its calming colors and shapes. And I love all your photographs, with their shapes and colors--fun seeing Houston from your eyes.


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