December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for another WIP Wednesday. Seeing all the blog posts about projects underway for holiday gifts inspired me to get going and start making. I just couldn't let another Christmas season go by with nothing to show for my crafty efforts.

First up was the December block for our Mid Century Modern Bee. A super easy oversized 9-patch block with vintage feeling fabrics for Mary of MollyFlanders. I love vintage but my fabric stash does not scream vintage at all. After digging a little deeper than usual I came up with these prints that seemed to fit the bill. Hopefully they will work with Mary's idea.

Next up was a mug rug for a gift exchange this week at our Boulder Modern Quilt Guild Holiday Party. Can you believe I have never made a mug rug? I sit here everyday with a cup of tea and sometimes a chocolate or snack and yet I've never bothered to make one for myself or as a gift.
What can I say?  BTW . . . my real mug is better than this plain one but clashed with the fabrics. : )

Played around with a few ideas and then came across this great tutorial online and knew it had to be the one. It involves more fabric than your usual mug rug but is such a clever idea I couldn't resist. Each quarter circle makes it's own little pocket. A great place to tuck in a special treat, tea bag, or hot cocoa mix.  Plus it's super simple to make. I definitely see more of these mug rugs in my future.

My last holiday project involved fabric I bought last year with the good intention of making gifts for some special people in my life.  They didn't get done.  I felt bad.  This year I needed to redeem myself.

These are silky prints which I don't usually sew with. I will admit I hate trying to cut this slippery stuff! Ending up with anything close to 2 matching pieces with straight edges seems nearly impossible to me. But once they were cut and I got started, it wasn't so bad.

An afternoon latter and I had managed to finish 5 new infinity scarves to give as gifts as well as finish one from a couple of years ago that was never finished. Another WIP done.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied that I got these things done in early December. Now to get the bee block and gifts wrapped and in the mail is an entirely different story. Anyone with me on that one?

Hope you are enjoying your holiday traditions. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.  Find time to enjoy the season instead of being a slave to expectations.

Please read on to my next post and see my daughter's beautiful jewelry too. I'm a proud mama.

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  1. Your block for Mary is very cute - great fabrics! Did you just use one fabric for the scarves or two Anne? They look very professional!

  2. Love the circular mug rug - I have a pattern for one, and the fabric to make Boo Crew ones, just haven't started them yet. May as well wait until next October, right?

  3. I too HATE those wiggly fabrics! Give me cotton, please! Love the circular mug mug -- I have never made one either.

  4. I have made a few mug rugs, but never considered making a circular one. I love it! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial.

  5. I love this idea. Thanks so much! I also love the colors you chose :)

  6. Great mug rug! I can't believe I haven't made one yet either!

  7. Very nice finishes, Anne! That mug rug is really clever. Yours looks so nice. Thanks for sharing the link which I'll tuck away for next year's Christmas gifties, since I've already made and given those for this year. Those scarves.. I know what you mean about sewing with that slippery stuff, but they came out beautifully!

  8. Lovely post filled with goodies! Love, love, love your scarves!! Do you have a pattern/tutorial that you would recommend? Your daughter is like her mother......very talented!

  9. Really beautiful finishes! Such a great mug rug. What does your real mug look like? The scarves look beautiful. I have not made a single Christmas gift this year. Last year, I spent so much time making a playhouse that fit over a card table. It was super cute and very well loved. But I nearly drove myself crazy, mostly because I wanted until some time in December to start! So this year, I'm just enjoying the sewing without any obligations, well other than to finish bee blocks but I have really been enjoying working on those. I'm so anxious to see what Mary has planned with those nine patches aren't you?

  10. Love that mug rug! I'm going to Pin that tutorial, and keep it around for next year's gift giving. Your scarves are beautiful--good for your for persevering with that silky fabric. They will be fun to wear.

    Like Cindy, I'm out of the handmade gifts this year, unless you count the gift exchange for our group (where I made a mug rug and an ear bud pouch). But what a treasure it will be for your recipients to get those beautiful scarves!


  11. I , for one , am so pleased with my new scarf! Anne does beautiful work! I love my sister-in-law!!!!!


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