February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday . . . a Little Amy Butler Love

I started this week by starting a new project.

Not that I needed to start something new. I have plenty of nearly finished things that should have taken precedence. Two quilts with binding sewn on just waiting for the hand stitching. Two patterns almost done. Another one in the planning stages. Two bee blocks due very very soon. Plenty that I should have worked on . . .

But these fabrics were calling . . . no shouting my name. I just felt the urge to make something with these gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics. Maybe it's a touch of spring fever because the colors really spoke to me. So yummy, so fresh and spring like. I've had many of them for awhile and recently added a few others to the mix. They just needed to come together.  : )

A quilt design I reworked a little fit these fabrics perfectly. I pulled a couple of solids to go with the prints and started cutting. Soon I had a nice little pile of these lovelies.

I have the hardest time throwing away these tiny little trimmings? There's something about slivers of fabric that I just love. I've been known to save piles and piles of them. Always think they would make the most colorful bird's nests but of course I never get around to doing anything with them.

Do you save tiny trimmings like these? If so, what do you do with them?

The quilt is going to together quite quickly. I'm thinking it will make a great pattern so another project gets added to my growing list. Eventually I will get all of them finished. In the meantime, it's multiple projects in various stages but I think that's what keeps me going. Maybe I have quilter's ADHD.    : )

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  1. So pretty! And you're right very Springy! You're using some of my favorite AB fabrics :-)

  2. Such lovely AB prints! I can understand why they'd be shouting at you! And honestly, why not start a new project? Gotta stay inspired and enjoy the quilting journey!

  3. I add my unusable cotton scraps to the doggie bags my guild makes for the aspca. Trimmings can be used to stuff toys or pillows, but they make them very dense & heavy unless mixed with larger & lighter pieces. Otherwise they go in the compost pile where they break down quickly, or birds can use them if they get them in time.

  4. you can't say no when amy calls you! I sure wouldn't. =) it looks great! and very spring-y.

    I use my trimming for stuffing, too. I've been thinking maybe I should put them in a bag and throw them in the wash to make them more frayed and fluffy because the bits I've cut off prewashed fabrics before have been so nice and soft.

    if the trimmings are an inch wide, you can still use them for a tickertape scrap project or some paper piecing.

  5. I just love AB's color choices! I love this and it is so spring-y! It just screams flowers, time outside, and allergy meds! LOL!

  6. Such pretty fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Like you I have a gazillion projects to finish but I always feel the tug of starting something new. There's just something about the excitement attached to a new beginning. Enjoy the onset of Spring, both outside your door and at your sewing machine.

  7. Well this looks very springy! Enjoy your sewing and I look forward to seeing more

  8. Love me some AB. That mint color is fantastic!

  9. Love, love, love this fabric! These photos makes me smile!

  10. I love the Amy Bulter fabrics you used and the pattern looks great. May I ask what the color solid you are using? I love the light aqua color.

  11. It's looking beautiful! Yes, save those yummy trimmings. I save everything. It eventually gets fused to make the background of an art quilt.

  12. So pleased to have found your lovely blog and designs! I am new to quilting and have been looking for simple modern designs that show off my kaffe fassett and amy butler fabrics
    Love this quilt and the fabrics you have used. Off to buy your pdf pattern for cascade quilt.. Yay:)


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