April 9, 2014

Binding on a WIP Wednesday

Binding . . .  one down . . . one in the works . . .  two in the wings . . .

The good thing is it means I'll have finished projects to show you soon. But it sometimes feels like it takes FOREVER to bind a quilt.  These three quilts have been languishing in a pile for longer than I care to admit. It was far easier to start another quilt than to actually finish these.

I stitch my binding to the back by hand and have normally done it while watching listening to TV. (You can't really watch TV and sew at the same.)  Lately I've realized it is easier and quicker if I sew the binding while the quilt is supported at my desk. So rather than doing it in front of the TV I decided I'd do it in my studio. Trouble is I just didn't want to take the time out of a busy day to sit and do nothing but bind. Thus these quilts have been patiently waiting for me. Until now.

In order to speed things up, I'd love to master a machine method that really looks good. The one method I've tried is to stitch in the ditch from the front and catch the binding on the back. It's never even and there are always a few places that get missed alltogether. My perfectionism is showing isn't it?  So far my attempts have been less than satisfactory so I stick with hand stitching.

Recently though I heard of using glue rather than pins or clips to keep the binding in place. Supposedly more accurate since there aren't any pins causing distortion. Has anyone tried this with success? If so, any tips? Perhaps I'll give it a try with one of the quilts in the wings. For now I better get back stitching.

I'd love to know how you bind your quilts.
And yes, spring is back and the tulips are once again in full bloom . . . yippee!!!
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