April 17, 2014

The Need to Create

This seemed like a random post perfect for Cindy's Really Random Thursdays.

While looking at images on Pinterest today, I was struck by the overwhelming wealth of creativity in the world. There are amazing things being imagined and made by thousands and thousands of people.

The sheer volume of creativity is enough to both inspire and, at times, even discourage. And I will admit I do sometimes feel discouraged. But much more often I am inspired. Inspired not only by what I see, but by the simple, basic fact that so many many many others are compelled to create and share their creativity with the world. Visual art, music, writing . . . you name it.

Today I was simply struck by the deep need, the absolute need, that I and so many many others have to create. To dream. To envision. To make with our hands. To give voice through our music and writing. To express ourselves by being creative.

I live in a house filled with creativity . . . we use drills to carve pumpkins . . . we make snow art . . . who knows what we'll use this year to dye Easter eggs.

I am a designer . . . a decorator . . . an artist . . . a quilter . . . a collector of fabric.
Beautiful gorgeous prints and intense saturated colors.

My husband is a graphic designer . . . an art teacher . . . a mixed media artist . . . a junk collector
See what crazy creative things he makes here.

My daughter is a jewelry artist  . . . a photographer . . . a writer . . . a collector of all things beautiful.
See her stylish, beautiful jewelry here.

My son is going to be an engineer. He will use his creativity to design, build, imagine solutions.
He is also a musician . . . creating in his own way.

I have always felt the passion, the desire and the need to create through visual art.
I am a better, happier, more content person when I am creating.
I live it . . . breathe it . . . and yes, even dream it.

So today I say thank you to all you creative people out there dreaming, making, sharing your art with the rest of us. Together I believe we truly make the world a better, more beautiful place. These are my random thoughts on living the life I love.

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