May 29, 2014

Motivation . . . Where Are You?

I'm lacking in the motivation department this week and it's an uncomfortable feeling for me. I have plenty of ideas. I'm just not motivated to do any of them. Trying to work with all these pretty colors for a challenge quilt but . . . .

My husband usually works from home pursuing his own creative endeavors so the two of us tend to "work" constantly from our individual studios. It's a pleasure to be able to do this and yet we can both get so wrapped up in our own projects we don't take time away . . . especially time away together. I'm thinking we both need a vacation away from home . . . away from the stuff we're compelled to do.
A beach would be lovely but in land locked Colorado I'll happily settle for a rushing mountain stream the fresh scent of pine.

But things have changed up a bit as he recently started a design job out of the house so our vaca will need to wait just a bit. In the mean time I adjust to him gone most of the week, my college son home and my daughter here more often. It's just like when your kids are little and summer means a different schedule. Plus more groceries, more laundry and more yard work.

Add to the mix an unexpected illness that's left me really really tired. I'm fine now and all is well.
Just  no motivation.

It isn't easy to give myself permission to take time off and relax. But that's what I'm doing this week. Recovering, relaxing, reading as much as my old eyes will allow, and working just a bit here and there. Hoping a few more days will bring back the motivation and energy to work. I know it will come.

Also just a reminder that today, the 29th, is the last day to vote at the Blogger's Quilt Festival. You can read about my quilt here and shown above, or go here to vote. I'd love a vote for my entry if you're so inclined. Thanks.

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  1. Ah, the beauty of Colorado we love so much! I fell in love with Vail 2 years ago when we were there, but also love Royal Gorge and Pike's Peak, just to mention a few :))) Glad you're feeling better, and hope your mojo returns from the detour!

  2. I hope you take that vacation soon, just book it in.

  3. I have been in a slump / lacking motivation for WAY too long. Like weeks - maybe even a month?! I go through phases.... and right now is the "no motivation to sew" one. I'm scatterbrained and just not getting "it" back! I told my husband the other night that I think I either need to take a REAL break or chain myself to my sewing machine and just "sew through it!" - - - neither are really feasible..... so hoping my sewjo comes back ASAP! :)

    That vacation sounds perfect - and looks beautiful. Hoping you can make it happen soon!

  4. With so many changes to your routine it's no wonder you're finding motivation difficult to muster. Add some illness and it seems you really need to extend some grace to yourself to just catch up and "be".
    You may find a little encouragement/motivation by discovering your quilt was voted a three-way first place in it's category - congratulations!

  5. Ack. I hate it when I don't feel like sewing. I'm sure yours was prompted by not feeling well, and then hubby's new assignment. As this always does... it will go away. It's just miserable until then, I know. My sympathies. But I'll say you're looking at some gorgeous stuff! Can't believe you own SO MANY solids! Wow. And that quilt! All I can say is that I hope you win. I think I voted for you. I couldn't tell, except to see a small green check mark in the top left corner of your quilt. But the vote count didn't increase. I'm technically challenged with the way to vote! Feel your usual self soon.

  6. I know just what that feeling is like. Your mind is full of what you want to make but you don't want to do it. When that happens, I sit on the porch and read something or meditate. It can go on for days but the muse always comes back. Something tips the balance and you must work again.
    LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color!

  7. Love your quilt , love the colors. very graphic design. Hmmm...a vacation sounds nice.

  8. I'm sure that your well deserved win will help bring back the mojo:-) Congratulations!

  9. I definitely voted for this one! I might have to make a similar version--I love it SO much!!

  10. Love it!!! Is there a pattern?

  11. An apt description of how bogged-down-by-your-stuff feels. And I would love to put my toes in that icy mountain stream (91 degrees today and it's only the beginning of June!). We're planning a trip away and I said to my husband, "Can we just go now?" I like how people are asking for a pattern on your quilt!


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