May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I've been quite busy even if I haven't been linking up just lately. Catching up with bee blocks has been one thing on my list.

This Rolling Diamond block was made for Debbie last month but I forgot to get it posted. Guess that's what happens when you wait till the end of the month to get bee blocks done. Our Mid Century Modern Bee uses stash fabric so we don't need to mail fabric back and forth. Debbie asked for brights and that's never a problem in my stash. Lots of brights to choose from.

I also finished up a couple of blocks for our Boulder Modern Quilt Guild Bee. Kati asked for Broken Herringbone blocks using the fabrics she provided in these lovely shades of yellow, blues and gray.

I also finished up a cheery yellow block of hearts that's part of a special baby quilt. Our guild is newish and we've just had the pleasure of one of our members having a baby. I don't think she reads here so I hope I'm safe in sharing the block I contributed. We each made hearts in a different color. Can't wait to see them all together.

My real WIP of the week is this colorful pile of solids. I'm getting started on my Boulder Modern Quilt Guild challenge quilt. More to come later on this project, but for now here's what I'll be working with. Wish me luck in getting it done amidst all the other things I have to do right now.

Do you think I have enough colors?  50 plus at the moment and I'm actually not sure if there's enough variety for what I have planned. Finding more is hard at local shops though.

I'm curious what make of solids you prefer? Do you have a color card? I mostly use Kona because I have their color card and can get most of them from, a local online shop where I am able to pick up my orders.  I'd love to have cards from all the other manufacturers too. Maybe someday. Wouldn't it be fun to have a real brick and mortar shop full of every color from every manufacturer? Every shade of every color available all lined up together . . . love the image this conjures up.

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  1. HI Anne,
    I love the fabrics and the colors you have chosen. Your quilt will look great when it is all done. And the grey quilt is amazing too.


  2. Wow, I would LOVE a brick and mortar shop with every single solid in every line, all lined up next to each other! Can it open near Monroe, Maine, please?! Thanks!! So far I've used Kona just because it's available locally and they've had the colors I've needed thus far. I JUST ordered some Kaffe Shot Cottons, though, and I have a feeling it's going to be my new "solid"ish obsession!

  3. What beautiful blocks! And I love all your solids. Great colors! I want a shop close by that carries them all, too. Can't wait to see what you do with the challenge!

  4. Beautiful solid colors. I mostly use Kona too.

  5. Love your blocks, especially the herringbone and the hearts, they look like they'll become really stunning quilts. And I'm very intrigued to see what you'll create with so many different solids now, good luck with it!

  6. Can't wait to see what ALL those colors will become Anne!

  7. I wonder if Missouri Star Quilt Company's new Basics Shop might have every color of all the solids...........I'm going in a few weeks and will let you know!!

  8. So many colors! This is going to be a fun quilt I can't wait to see it

  9. I like the Moda Bella solids because they're smoother, softer than Kona, but still thick enough to not be transparent.

  10. I am wowed by your blocks! Everything is matched up perfectly. The Broken Herringbone block looks like something someone painted rather than quilted. I am new to your blog but can't wait to see more. I am also new to quilting, have only made two quilts since I took it up in January. You are very talented and an inspiration to all of us in fabric land!

  11. Fun to see all your projects, here. The hearts in different colors is a great idea--I assume what I'm seeing here is a block? If so, those hearts seem kind of tiny--good for you for such accurate piecing.

    I have three clear boxes of colors, some from the Amish Quilt era, back in the 80's, so you can see that some of my fabrics are "vintage." It helps when I'm trying for a range of colors, though.

    Lovely solid photos. Bet you had fun with that!


  12. I really love your color stories and the fabrics you use. The herringbone blocks are so cool, I want to make some! Fabulous work!


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