September 13, 2014


Hi, my name is Anne and I'm a quiltaholic . . . and a fabricholic . . . with a heavy dose of computer addiction thrown in for balance. Ha!

This past week, my daughter and I were both going to go computer free for most of each day in an attempt to get more done. Once a day email check for business purposes only. What was I thinking?

I really do need to go computer free for most of each day so I can actually get more sewing done.
But . . .  this week I had quilt instructions and illustrations to write up for a magazine deadline so I couldn't go without the computer. Honest. It's done and sent off so that excuse is off the list now.

Tomorrow my husband and I are leaving for a few days away. We haven't been to Taos since his folks moved away about 18 years ago so we're heading back to see the art and soak up a little southwest attitude. We both really need a break from the day to day routine. Sadly vacations are not a regular part of our lives so this trip for just the two of us will be wonderful.

Here I sit however, getting quilts ready to take along for photo ops and wondering if I could design in the car on my computer. Seriously. I need to rebalance my life.

I will take a sketchbook instead of the computer to record a jolt of inspiration here and there. A camera to record even more inspiration. And a head full of ideas. I will enjoy the time with the hubby. Time to talk about our individual art aspirations and where the next year might take us with the right plans and commitment.

Hopefully next week I'll have a couple of good photos to post of quilts in Taos. I'm sure I'll have plenty of other inspiring images to share as well. Maybe even a leaf photo or two if you know my other addiction . . .   : )

I did manage to play with some of these fabrics during the week. Nothing definite yet but I'm liking the possibilities.

Hope you played a little too.


  1. I don't think that I could go computer free in my personal life... I am hooked but it is my pleasure and something I really enjoy!! I could have other unhealthy habits I suppose....
    Anyway, I love the colours of fabrics that you pulled out, can't wait to see what you do with hem!!

  2. I am ,oving the look of that Art gallery project : )

  3. You know, the computer is just a sketchbook with a battery. The bigger question is to decide where you want your eyes and attention to be. Have a great holiday!

  4. I've been to Taos - stayed in a lovely B&B - so I have a mental picture of the relaxation you'll be enjoying. And I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll find lots of things there that are inspirational. I love the color prints you selected... as if I could ever NOT like the fabrics you put together!

  5. It's funny how blogging can spur creativity and also hinder it. I guess there is always an ebb and flow to these things. Loving those bright colors :)

  6. Anne - fabulous restaurant for Fish & Chips. Pizanos on Hwy 150, Taos Ski Valley Rd just north of Taos. I'm British and their fish is so good. We shall miss you as our trip to Taos is in Oct. Anne in Pueblo, Colorado

  7. Soo hard to do, we are a technology driven world! Have fun in Taos! Looking forward to your beautiful pictures.

  8. If you are in Taos, I hope you are not reading this. :) Enjoy your time away. I have always wanted to go there. Someday...

  9. Balance in everything we do is always so important. When the scales get tipped one way, something in our lives seems to kick in a counter balance to straighten things out. Enjoy your little get away - sounds lovely!

  10. I hope your time away was every bit as refreshing as you had hoped. Both these fabric selections show great promise - then again you may have totally different ideas after having had a break.

  11. I ALWAYS pack too many projects for a weekend/week away, but I'm better than my husband, who takes enough for three months (or so it seems). It's hard to step away from the work, but such a good thing to try for. I'm envious of your trip to Taos--enjoy enjoy enjoy!


  12. those kitty paws <3
    let's still try to keep putting our computers away this week


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