February 4, 2015

Mid Century Modern Bee on a WIP Wednesday / NTT

What happened to January? Seriously. Where did it go?

I actually did get quite a bit done in January, but sadly my January bee block wasn't one of them. Most of my time was spent writing posts for the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along and unfortunately I let my bee obligation fall to the bottom of the list. Sorry Elizabeth.

She requested a block of our choosing to put together her own sampler style quilt similar to the one previously done in our Mid Century Modern Bee by Carla. You can see more of Elizabeth's plan here on OPQuilt. She also has an amazing series on English paper pieced circles. Do check them out. They are all so beautiful and well designed.

When given free reign to make whatever you want with guidelines for color and size being the only parameters, I can find it hard to settle on what to do. In this case, I took advantage of the freedom and made another Drunkard's Path block. I have been wanting to explore other color and fabric choices for the design so this was an excellent opportunity.

If you saw my fabric options post for the quilt along, the you saw this version using spring colors instead of the red/green Christmas colors. I love pinks, corals and oranges and would love to make this version myself.

For Elizabeth's block, I decided to go with spring colors and do an all flower/no leaves block. I pulled fabrics in the yellow/pinky coral range and, because I'm such a huge Kaffe fan, included a touch of Kaffe. I often look for ways to use a bit of his fabrics in my bee blocks as a way of putting more of me into the blocks. Here are all 16 little Drunkard's units sewn and ready to join into the block.

And here is the finished block. I love this color combo. So fresh and springy.

And below with the signature block and an extra small block thrown in for good measure since I'm so late. Hope you like them Elizabeth.

I love my Mid Century Modern Bee group. Sadly, a couple of members opted out going into our third year, but happily we will be getting to know three new quilters moving forward. Spreading the quilty love.  : )  And better yet, there are 8 of us who will be gathering to meet each other in person . . . many for the very first time . . . at QuiltCon.  I can't wait!!!!

This was the major WIP of the week that I'm quite happy to have finished up. Going in the mail tomorrow Elizabeth. Promise. There are plenty of other WIPs in process too, including binding for two quilts, plus some QuiltCon projects. Time is running out to get those done so I need to buckle down. Fourteen days until I leave.   : )

If you're interested in the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along it's never too late to join in. You can find all the posts here on my Quilt Along page.

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  1. What a cool block! I have never seen one like that before!

  2. Oh, so pretty!! That will look great in the sampler...you are a talented designer, Anne!

  3. Love the colours Anne - I have some of the same fabrics :). I haven't tried a Drunkard's Path yet, but it's on my list!
    I downloaded the Quiltcon app yesterday!

  4. great variation of a drunkards path block. love it!

  5. Curves on my list today. Your block is lovely~ Sorry about your group falling apart, but thankfully, there are lots of other bees to join online.

  6. What a great idea for a bee theme ... love the block.


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