February 17, 2015

Ready or Not . . . Here I Come QuiltCon 2015

It's finally here. I leave for Austin in the morning.

Months ago when Cindy of Live A Colorful Life asked me to be her roomie I was thrilled. If it wasn't for her I probably would have procrastinated about committing and wouldn't be packing now. Thank you Cindy. Can't wait to meet you and the other MCM ladies.

QuiltCon seemed so far into the future at that time. I had thoughts of making all kinds of things. Gifts, new bags, maybe some clothes. Haha . . . very little got done. My biggest accomplishment was finishing a quilt entry and having it accepted. I'm looking forward to seeing Matrix Blooming hanging in the show. I'll share more about it after I get back.

I've also got a few buttons to swap. Would love to meet you and trade pins.

If you're going, I hope we get to meet.  If you're not, I'll be reporting once I get back.
Time for me to finish packing.  : )

SpringLeaf Studios

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  1. Such a beautiful design. I look forward to reading more about this when you return.


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