April 10, 2015

2015 Finish Along Quarter 2

How did you do with your first quarter finishes for the 2015 Finish Along?

I listed four and got two done. Doesn't seem like much, but for me, any finish is a good thing. For the second quarter I think I'll go a little further. List more. And maybe, just maybe, several will get done.

These were my two first quarter finishes.

Here's my second quarter list:

  • Matrix pattern. I don't know if stuff like this counts but I really really need to wrap this up.
  • Tumble pattern. This will be the pattern for the quilts in the photo above.
  • quilt the scrappy Matrix (from the first quarter)
  • quilt the blue/green Matrix (also from the first quarter)
  • Riley Blake MQG challenge
  • piece and quilt blue/aqua/green Scrappy Trip Around the World
  • piece and quilt green leafy Scrappy Trip Around the World
  • Some type of wallet/phone case

Matrix pattern will be done soon. Really

The list could go on and on but I think I'll leave it there for now. We'll be pretty busy these next three months with company, trips of our own and art stuff so maybe I'm being too hopeful. We'll see. But at least I have something to focus my attention on. That's a good thing.

If you don't know about the 2015 Finish Along and you need a little motivation check out the link. It's a nice way to entice those of us with more UFOs and WIPs than finishes to finally complete a few things. I was amazed at how many finishes there were for the first quarter. Last time I looked there were 549 finishes. It will take me awhile to look through them. Thanks Adrianne for organizing it all. Good job!!

Done is always a good thing.  A very good thing!    : )

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  1. That Matrix quilt is really cool. I spent some time looking at it, and it looks like it would be easier than it looks (if that makes any sense). Beautiful job.

  2. Matrix looks fabulous! And any finish is something to be celebrated! And you have two beauties so that deserves a double celebration!

  3. The Matrix quilt is awesome looking!

  4. It seems that challenging yourself gets great results!

  5. Nice finishes! Is one of those made from our bee blocks? I can't quite remember...anyway - good luck with your list!!

  6. The Matrix Quilt is gorgeous! Absolutely love it! Good luck!

  7. You can do it Anne! I'm cheering for you ; )

  8. I LOVE that Matrix quilt. Very pretty!

  9. Your rainbow matrix is great. I especially love the scrappy subtle LVs. the pattern is going to be popular good luck with finishing it up.

  10. I'm always attracted to the bright clear colours you use Anne! Good luck with those finishes!


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