June 16, 2015

Bloglovin Problems

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm trying to sort out some problems with Bloglovin.
All the blogs I follow have magically disappeared.
Anyone have an idea as to how I retrieve them?


  1. Oh dear! I have NO idea how to restore a lost Bloglovin' list! My only suggestion would be to go into Bloglovin' and see if they have a Q&A area. I will say that I completely miss my RSS Feed... that's when all the blogs I subscribed to came into my email account, but separate from regular emails. Unfortunately when Apple updated their operating system, this is one of the feature that was dropped. Darn. We're never completely happy, are we? Hope you get your problem figured out without having to rebuild your entire list!

  2. Sorry I have no idea how to restore them. I follow you so saw this. I have a Mac and recently had some problems with losing iPhoto, seems they are phasing it out. They might be phasing out other stuff as well. I just hope the blogs I follow do not go away that would not be a good thing.

  3. Is it possible that you have logged out of your account?

  4. I have e-mailed Bloglovin over some issues I had and they were helpful (but it did take them almost a week to respond).

  5. I found that if I signed out, and then signed in again, my stuff was there... I hope that helps!! XX!


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