June 23, 2015

Going Green

I finished up my June Mid Century Modern Bee block for Rene' of Rene' Creates this week. After being so far behind in May I really wanted to get caught up. Maybe, just maybe, I can keep the ball rolling when July comes around.  : )

Rene provided us with a paper piecing pattern (with permission from the designer) and we each chose a color. Without thinking I chose green. I love green and have plenty of green scraps.

I won't say this block was quick. It has very veeery small pieces. I mean teeny tiny itsy-bitsy only 1/4" wide pieces. Those little center squares are only 3/4" but the end result is an amazing scrappy circle.

I dug into all my green and light scraps. Made quite a mess.

Had help selecting the light scraps. NOT!

Sorted scraps and started piecing. Only made a couple of mistakes. Hint . . . don't take a lunch break in the middle of piecing without marking which parts you've already sewn. Otherwise you'll be unsewing. Just saying . . .

Ever so slowly one quarter was done . . .

Then two quarters were done . . .

Then three . . .

And finally . . . all four quarters made into the finished circle.

Pretty amazing circle if I do say so myself. I can see why Rene' asked for help on these. I wouldn't want to make very many. I think one super sized block for the whole quilt might be kind of cool though. You can see the quilt pattern for these circles here.

With green circles making a recurring appearance here in the studio, you could say I'm going green.
In April I made this jade green circle block for the quilt the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild plans to enter in QuiltCon Pasadena. Maybe you'll see it there. 

The final quilt came out beautifully thanks to the hard work of Stephanie, Christine and Wendy. This is the finished quilt. The photo was taken with my phone and isn't the best but you get the idea.. There's another row of all neutral circles on the far right that I couldn't squeeze into the frame. It's really a wonderful quilt and a great team effort by the guild..

It was also about a year ago that I took an inset circles workshop with Latifah. This was my concept . . more green circles.  Sorry to say this hasn't been finished but it was worth learning the technique.

Last but not least, to keep the curve theme alive there are the quarter circle blocks I'm making for my Drunkard's Path QAL. This was my May block. Green once again along with red. It's going to be a Christmas quilt.

There'll be another post for the QAL soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.
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