July 16, 2015

We Have Two Giveaway Winners!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on my new patterns, Matrix and Offset.
Thanks also to those of you who purchased a pattern. I really appreciate your support.

And now for the winners . . .
Congratulations to Kathy E and Nancy. You have each won PDF copies of Matrix and Offset.

Kathy said:

"What an explosion of color in both quilt designs! Personally, I like Offset better. It makes me stop and look for a pattern, so my eye just follows all along the quilt. Each example of this quilt is just stunning and one I'd love to try."
Nancy said:
"Your patterns and posts are very comprehensive for both quilts. I like the idea of the coloring diagram and reliance on "familiar" 2 1/2" strips and fat quarters. Of the two, I prefer the Matrix design. The way the eye moves over the design is smooth, with lots of resting places which adds to the appeal. I also like the complex look without complicated construction. It's new and fresh. Plus your description also said it- it's a bold design."

I love that both of you were very thoughtful in your comments. Even though I asked you to choose your favorite, I've decided to send each of you both patterns. I'll be emailing you shortly. I hope you'll make your very own versions of them. Have fun and remember to play.    : )

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave me comments. I appreciate them and I really do want to see what you make using Matrix and Offset. Please send me photos or post them to Instagram using #springleafstudios.

Happy quilting Enjoy!


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  1. Many, many thanks for the patterns! I look forward to getting a quilt underway- after I work with the coloring diagram of course. It will provide good guidance.


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