October 7, 2015

Charity Time

My recent sewing has been primarily quilt bee blocks and charity work.
The September block for the Mid Century Modern Bee was this fantastic paper pieced block. It was made for Mary of Mary on Lake Pulaski. The block is called Starry Sky by SewKylie. and looks fantastic when several blocks come together. Note: I get an error when I try the original link to the block, but the link here will take you to the blog. Not sure what's up with that but it's a great block.

October is my month to be the queen bee for the MCM Bee. Whenever it's my turn I have the hardest time settling on what to have the others make. So many good ideas. So many quilts on my to-do list. In the past I've had them test blocks for my patterns, but this time I'm having the group make striped fabric from these colors.

I've been wanting to work with stripes for a long time and have quite a stash of stripe fabrics so this will give me something to play with. Not sure exactly what the end result will be but that's part of the fun.

My other WIP's have to do with charity work for the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild. Each year we adopt a different charity to support and this year our quilts will be going to a local assisted living facility.

While these quilts don't reflect my typical bright colorful style, I think they are well suited for the charity. Some of the fabrics were generously donated to the guild so I was able to not only piece the tops but also make pieced backs.

The first quilt uses a disappearing 9-patch, a block I've wanted to try for a long time. I think I will work with color placement more next time instead of the random placement used here. Have you ever made a disappearing 9-patch? There are several ways to lay out the blocks that result in entirely different looking quilts. It's a pretty fun design to play with so I'm looking forward to trying it again. I also like the big chunks of fabric for the backing. The back is actually giving me some ideas for a new quilt with large scale prints.

The other charity quilt is this plus block. I shared the top here when it was first made. I finally got around to piecing the back from some of the leftovers fabrics. Do you piece your backs or use a single fabric? I like the look of pieced backs but they do take time to sew together even when you use big chunks. No plan here . . . just piecing until the size was big enough. Not sure I like this one but it's done and I used up quite a bit of my older stash which is a good thing.

Well, that's about it for now. Next on my to-do list is to get the border figured out on my Drunkard's Path QAL quilt. Sorry to any of you who might be waiting for that post. I slipped behind a bit but promise it's coming.

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  1. Your starry sky block is magical...and made more so by the beautiful choice of fabrics! I love that you used a text print that reads white, instead of just plain white - I think it totally made the block! Beautiful...

  2. I love the Starry sky block; your colours are so fresh and fun. I looked at Sew Kylie's site and think these blocks are fabulous when put together. Unfortunately the link still doesn't work, but I'd really like to have a go at making these in the future. Now puzzling!

  3. Beautiful work. Love those stars and the low volume background fabrics.

  4. I just joined my first Bee, and I have to say that I am a little nervous about picking my quilt when I am the queen bee. I have to admit that I think I would just prefer to make block for others... silly, I know.

    This is a really lovely block and it looks like it will make a really fun quilt. Good luck with your narrowing down process!

  5. The starry sky block is fun and modern - thanks for introducing. Nice bee block as well - Love your design - the solids and the low volume. Have fun picking something as beautifull for your own queen time.


  6. I love yourStarry Sky block and I visited the site but there still seems to be a problem with the link, but I shall keep on trying as I would love this pattern. Your plus block is another
    layout which I would love to see in KF fabrics!

  7. Love the starry block and the colours.

  8. I like that long legged starry block, too. Cute

  9. I love all the great work Anne! So much charity quilting, thank you. I am wrapping up my charity quilt, and just pieced a very similar back. The starry bee block is fabulous as well! Josi@avocadoquilts.com

  10. Pretty starry block. I enjoyed making mine too. I'm still mulling over your block. Waiting to see a sample first I think......
    Happy sewing. The charity quilts will be greatly appreciated. Lovely backings

  11. Love your Kylie Starry Sky block--you always have the best color combinations! I feel at two minds about pieced backs, having done them for over 20 years. On one hand, it uses up the scraps and makes an interesting back. . . sometimes. On the other hand, so often my pieced backs just look like someone using up the scraps and you have to align the vertical/horizontal more carefully than you do with a one-piece or two-piece (same fabric) back.


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