May 3, 2016

I Am a Maker

I am a maker. I am a designer. I am a lover of fabric in all it's glorious colors and prints. My soul is fed by playing with pretty fabrics and designing new ways to cut that fabric up and sew it back together into something new and exciting.

If you are reading this post, chances are you are a maker too. There is great satisfaction in making something with your hands to use yourself, to give to someone special, or donate to some worthy cause.
May Is For Makers |

After contributing to the Pattern Writing Series put together by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs, I saw just how many others there are out there like me. Quilters with a passion for coming up with their own designs and taking that idea to the next level by writing a pattern. As the series demonstrated, writing a pattern does not happen overnight. It requires time, time and more time.

So when I read Lindsay's post May is For Makers it struck a cord. I usually feel compelled to design my own things. I also love the free stuff out there just as much as everyone else. But I should also support the other independent pattern designers out there. Why not send a little quilty/sewing love their way?

I'm jumping on the May is For Makers wagon. I will be purchasing from other small, independent designers this month in an effort to pay it forward and show them my support for what they do. I will post about what I buy here on the blog and on Instagram using #mayisformakers.

I'm also inviting you to support just one independent designer's work out there. Someone who inspires you with their work. Maybe it's a bag pattern you know you'd love to make. Maybe it's a special dress you'd love to make and wear this summer. Go ahead. Buy it. Make it. And show your support. Spread the love and appreciation.



  1. I've splurged on a bunch of indie designer garment sewing patterns this week. Hope that counts. I need some new summer clothes, and I've got all this gorgeous cotton fabric...

  2. Such a nice encouragement to others. I hope all the designers at quilt market sell lots of patterns. You should be there too!


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