May 23, 2016

I'm a Maker / Deanna is a Maker

Today I'm sharing my latest May if for Makers purchase. This beautiful scarf is by Deanna of 5Seeds. The fabric has a wonderful sheer quality that makes it nice for both summer and winter wear.

I was immediately drawn to all the colorful scarves and was seriously considering a coral colored one but had no idea what I might wear it with. I chose this soft white because of it's summery feel and ease of wearing with almost anything.

Deanna makes beautiful scarves and headbands in her loft studio and then sells them primarily at handmade markets. You can learn more on her Facebook page and find her on Instagram @5seedshandmade

I decided to support a local indie artist this past weekend while attending a local market with my daughter. I wanted to show my support for the greater handmade indie scene. All these artisans work hard and put themselves out there time after time and it isn't an easy thing.

As many of you know, my daughter Emily makes jewelry. She spent the better part of last year doing market after market in the Denver/Boulder area. Most often she prepared and handled her booth setup all by herself. I really admired her determination and positive attitude as she tackled each market rain or shine week after week.

It's hard work to do a handmade market. It takes a lot of time to pack your product, transport it to the venue, lug it all to the site, set up your display, then spend several hours manning your booth, greeting customers, and hopefully making sales.

custom jewelry by EmilyClaireStudio

The next time you go to any type of market . . . farmers market, art fair, or handmade market . . . try to remember how much work went into what you see in their finished booth. It's far more than just the product they sell. I'm piecing my life together as a quilter and they are piecing their handmade life together one market at a time.

Whether you buy anything or not, smile when you stop by their booth . . .  it goes a long long way.



  1. Your new scarf is simply dreamy, Anne! I love that you made it in white and it can now go with anything. And bravo to your daughter and her beautiful handmade jewelry! I love that necklace!

  2. After walking Quilt Market, I thought about all the set-up, the take down, the hours and hours--similar to what you wrote about your Emily. It boggles my brain, for sure. I admire these artists for what they do, and thanks for the reminder!

  3. A lovely post, Anne! Being an indie artist is not easy, it's lot of work to market and sell the products. Your scarf is really pretty and your daughter's jewellery looks beautiful.


  4. When we vended Mark's fused glass, it was exhausting setting up the booth, so I admire each vendor's work, both the booth and the wares they are selling. And I love Emily's beautiful jewelry--so happy to have a necklace made by her.


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