June 20, 2012

Modern Quilt Guild, Fancy Tiger Crafts and Tradewinds by Moda

Finally got a chance to attend my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild that covers Denver and Colorado Springs. It was hosted at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver. So glad it was closer to me this time so I could check it out. Seems like a great group of quilters both new and experienced. Wish they met in Denver all the time so I could go more often.

Also my first time at Fancy Tiger Crafts but it definitely won't be my last. It's great to find another modern style fabric shop. I loved their fabric selections and even though I'm not a knitter the colors and textures nearly lured me into a knitting obsession too. All the yarns were scrumptious.

For now though, I'm more than happy to stick with the fabrics. Picked up this great new layer cake called Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury for Moda. I've been eyeing this fabric even before it was released, so am thrilled to have it. Now what to do with it . . .

Love these basic prints. I can see using them in lots of quilts.

Here's how Moda describes this great collection.
Picture an ancient market in Zanzibar. Traders from Ceylon have crossed the Indian ocean braving the Barbary Coast pirates. They make their way to Zanzibar where they can trade spice for colorful cloth and other exotic treasures from far away lands. “ Trade Winds” captures the spirit of new discovery, and historic trade. Modern designs in vivid colors mix with ancient visual flavors to create a rich and timeless collection.

Love the colors combos. Very lively. Must be the hidden bohemian in me. haha
I've got a couple of ideas stirring around. Check back to see what I dream up.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with these fabrics!

  2. those are some gorgeous fabrics I would mix the blues with yellows and pinks and reds and make a tablecloth/quilt to go with your dishes.

    1. Like the idea of a tablecloth. The fabrics are on my design wall now and remind me of a picnic, so maybe a picnic blanket is in order. Or something for our deck and cookouts. The little lattice prints seems like napkins.

  3. The Fancy Tiger was a really cool store! I loved their fabrics and the rainbow wall of fiber and yarn. I want to learn to knit just so I can have an excuse to buy some... when will I have time to learn that?!

    1. Wintertime, watching the snow fall, in the evening after dinner is put away, just before lights out....

  4. Just the description alone make me want these fabrics! You come up with a design to make my head spin and I'll make it!


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