June 9, 2012

Summer and Submissions

Summer is here and I'm re-adjusting to a full house after our first year of the empty nest. Lots of chaos, piles and moving, but two young adults are mostly settled in for the summer and I'm finally getting back to the studio.

I'm in the midst of a home decor project for my daughter. Black and white fabrics to go with her fabulous black and white striped chair and create a little added flare to her room.

I'm thinking of submitting my idea for this project to a magazine (thus not many pics to share right now) and am wondering if anyone has experience with the submission process? It's a home decor project that is quilted and very modern in design. I've never submitted before so don't know the ins and outs. Do they want things that have never been published before including on a blog? Do you submit to one magazine at a time? How long does it take? etc etc etc. I have looked into online submission info on websites. Seems some sites don't readily share submission info. Perhaps they don't want unsolicited items. Right now I'm considering Stitch magazine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


  1. I don't have any answers but I really love that chair!!

  2. This project will be soooo perfect for Stitch! I'm excited to work on it with you

  3. Hammer, staple gun, scissors...sounds like a new twist on a favorite old game...


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