June 13, 2012

Fresh Squeezed, a Juicy Quilt

Last month I mentioned my collection of flower dishes. Well . . . I have an even bigger collection of fruit and veggie dishes. It all started innocently enough with 3 fruit plates. Then another and another and another. Once again, they are mostly flea market finds just like the floral dishes. Before I knew it I had amassed quite a collection so when we remodeled our kitchen, one of my objectives was to incorporate some type of display area. Now I have space for all (well most) of my dishes.

The juicy dishes.

At about the same time this obsession started with the dishes along came all the delicious fruit and veggie fabrics. Of course it didn't take long before an equally large stash of fabrics developed. What can I say? They make me happy  : )  and I'm obsessed with more than fabric. As I collected the fabrics, the initial idea was to make one single quilt but somehow I could never imagine the right quilt. Then it hit me . . . make several quilts, each with their own fruity/veggie theme.

Think I have enough citrus fabrics?

I had the best time cooking up these delicious quilts. Fresh Squeezed, Fresh Baked, Fresh Picked, Vine Ripe to name a few. This summer I will rotate them into my kitchen/dining area starting off the summer with Fresh Squeezed.

"Fresh Squeezed" my juicy summer quilt.

See the great display in the background? Love it!

What better what to enjoy a hot summer day than with an ice cold glass of lemonade? So here's to summer and relaxing with a cold drink.


  1. what a fun collection and gorgeous little tablecloth/quilt to use with them.

  2. The quilt looks wonderful and works so well with your dishes. What a great idea to brighten up your kitchen!

  3. Your home looks so fun and colorful with all your fruity ceramics and quilt!

  4. These quilts and fabrics make me want to make lemonade :)

  5. Ooh! Snowballs in summer! Anne, you're the best at making quilts happen! My tummy does flip flops when I see these exciting color combos!


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