October 31, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

It's time for another Bloggers Quilt Festival put on by Amy over at Amy's Creative Side. Some amazing work is being shown and I can't wait to settle in with a glass of wine and start visiting all the beautiful quilts. I've been out of town for the past 6 days and am just throwing together my post to get it in under the wire. I do hope you'll take the time to explore my blog a little too along with visiting many of the other quilts being shown.

The quilt I've chosen to show all of you is one of my favorites. First of all I love the colors. Lots of cool and calming aquas and greens with a splash of purple. It's a scrappy quilt made from mostly Kaffe Fassett prints. He is my all time favorite designer. I just love his use of color and pattern and can't have enough of his fabrics along with those of Philip Jacobs.

The design for this quilt hung above my desk for months before I finally decided it was time to give it a try. I knew I wanted to try a scrappy look and when my daughter decided on greens and purples for the bedroom of her first real apartment, the fabric selections just fell into place from my stash. All the aquas and green prints which are mostly florals and vegetation of some type along with the blue/purple tumbling triangles remind me of a hanging garden or looking out from behind a waterfall. That's why I named it Cascade.

After finishing this original quilt, I liked the design so much I played around with some other variations and ended up making at least 6 other quilts using the same basic design. Eventually that lead to publishing the design as my second pdf pattern. You can read more about it here. The pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

Even with all the variations I've done from the basic design, this one still remains my favorite by far. The colors are so refreshing and calming to me and yet the variety of fabrics always keeps me engaged. Luckily for me it's come home for awhile as my daughter lives here now and I couldn't be happier. I love having the quilt around, but more than anything I LOVE having her around.  : )

Bloggers Quilt Festival Stats
finished size: 60 x 85
designed and quilted by: Anne Deister
category: throw/lap, scrappy, two-color, home machine quilted


  1. This is just beautiful, Anne! I agree--the colors, the fabric. I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at it.

  2. Gorgeous! Such softly changing fabrics...

  3. loved having it in my room :) but LOVE being home even more <3

  4. I love the colors...it is nice and calming!

  5. You've used value brilliantly in this beautiful quilt. Kaffe's fabrics are gloriously colourful and they're showcased really perfectly here. Happy BQF!

  6. What a lovely quilt! Awesome it inspired new projects galore!

  7. Love the way you used value in this quilt. Just a few darks to keep your eye moving.

  8. So pretty the colors are great. I love how the values you choice make your eye move from place to place and make it hard to figure out the pattern.

  9. Great use of scale and value in this Anne.
    I've tagged you in the blog tag game. You can check it out here

  10. This is a beautiful quilt, Anne, worthy of emulation (I have a stash of Kaffe fabrics that need some cutting!) I'm so glad you jumped on my blog and are following, so I could find you. I'm adding you to my list, too!

    Elizabeth E.

  11. Hello, I am happy I found your blog. I have enjoyed browsing and look forward to future posts. Found you through Marcia's Linking Party and just became a Happy Follower!

  12. Lovely quilt. The colours are fabulous! Saying hello from the mid century gang ; )

  13. I just found your quilt. Lovely!


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