July 5, 2012

Stay cool and refreshed with a new pattern . . . Cascade

Summer has settled in with temps topping 100- way too often as far as I'm concerned. So what better way to stay cool than to surround myself with some of my favorite cool colored fabrics. They are refreshing and calming amidst all the heat. The fabrics in this quilt remind me of a gentle rain in a lush green garden. I think of hanging gardens and cascading water. 

Thus was born Cascade . . . another SpringLeaf Studios quilt pattern.
I'm excited to share this pattern with all of you because it has so many possibilities.
The pattern features two different versions; 
A Scrappy version and a modern take on the ZigZag.
Plus 7 additional optional looks . . . all from the same design.

This is the Scrappy version and features fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and Michael Miller. It's perfect for layer cakes, fat quarters and of course large scraps. One of my favorites so far because it feels so refreshing.

Here's the ZigZag version featuring Kona Cotton solids. This version also works great with prints. I have to admit this is my first all solids quilt, but it won't be my last. There's a calmness about these solids that is very soothing to me.

I have so much fun designing quilts. Each time I create a new design I'm always exploring what would happen if I tried this or that. What if I arranged the blocks this way? What if the emphasis is changed? What if this? What if that? Sometimes it's very hard to stop experimenting and actually get to work making the quilt. I need little elves to sew for me... that would be so cool.

When I decided to start publishing my quilt designs it seemed like a natural choice to include all these explorations in each pattern. I've never been one to follow patterns exactly as they come. A little change here or there. I'll bet a lot of you feel the same. I really want the Design Explorations page provided in my patterns to inspire you to make a quilt the way you want. Not only with fabrics that you love but also with a flare that makes you feel like it's your very own. Here's what the Explorations page looks like.

Here's a few other versions of Cascade I've made to give you an idea of how it looks in other fabrics and arrangements. Hope they inspire.
Cascade ZigZag made with large scale prints from Kaffe  Fassett and Michael Miller.
A mini quilt was made from the trimmed leftovers.

Cascade made using a checkerboard arrangement of fabrics.
Cascade made using a concentric ring arrangement of fabrics.
A pillow made from the trimmed leftovers. The pattern gives detailed directions for the pillow.

So here's what included:
Cascade gives directions and yardage for 2 different versions; Scrappy and ZigZag.
It includes 3 sizes; baby, lap/twin, and double/queen.
A bonus pillow project is included that's made from the trimmed leftovers of the quilt. Or you can make a mini like I did with the leftovers.
And of course it includes the Design Lesson and Exploration sections to inspire you.

Cascade is available on Craftsy and in my Etsy shop. Hope you'll give it a look. I'd really love to know what you think. Please leave me a comment and tell me which version is your favorite.

Stay cool . . . and quilt on.


  1. I just saw this on Pinterest and bought the pattern. I think we have the same color sensibility.

    1. Can you tell me where to go to buy this pattern??

  2. Love the lavendar/green one, with its coordinating pillow. Lovely pattern!

  3. Both of your patterns are so versatile. I have a pastry roll collection of Kaffe prints from a few years back. I'd love to try one of these patternsand incorporate another fabric line to mix up the intensity of the prints. I'm thinking Amy Butler. Something light so as to make more contrast.

  4. I love your fabric mix. What a fun array of looks with one design.

  5. solid zigzag for sure!! love your design explorations !!
    xo pam

  6. It was fun talking with you at JoAnn's, Anne! Love your quilts -- I have a sincere love of Kaffe Fassett, Michael Miller, and Amy Butler fabrics!

    Have you been to SnappyQuilts? They have the best modern fabric in the Denver area, IMO. The girls are called "Snippetts" hahaha. http://www.snappyquilts.com/

    Best wishes, Robbie Marie

  7. Beautiful color choices. And I love the variety of quilts you picture with just one pattern!

  8. Popping over from Plum and June. Lovely quilt. I love zig zags!

  9. What do we do when Craftsy replies with the "fluffy" message 3 days in a row?

  10. Your design explorations page is genius. I, too, am one to make changes and to personalize a project. I love to alter recipes and crafty projects alike. You've given your clients a great head start with the "What if's?" of design. I know I have made quite a few comments tonight, but I am so taken by your work right now! Thank you again.

  11. I repinned thus on pinterest and have had at least 2 repins everyday since.

  12. I repinned thus on pinterest and have had at least 2 repins everyday since.

  13. I love this first version you showed! Are these Kaffe Fassett fabrics?

  14. I love the first one with the batiks. I retire next year and I've buying material, patterns so I'm ready to go. I picked up over 200 batik fat quarters at a garage sale for a quarter a piece. I just wasn't having any inspiration to start with. I know what the first project will be now. Thank you for showing all the variations to your pattern.

  15. Curious how you quilted that! Love it


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