January 6, 2014

Quilt Labels . . . do you or don't you?

True confessions here.
I am not so good about labeling my quilts.  : (

An example of one of the few labels I've done. This was a charity quilt.

About the only time I have labeled my quilts is when it's been for a show (and therefore required) or given away as a gift. For a quilt show they want complete information right down to your phone number and address which I wouldn't normally want to advertise. But it's always good to know that they know who the quilt belongs to.

Anywhoo . . . I'm determined to change my bad habits in the way of labeling.   : )
I want the labels for quilts I make for patterns and submissions to look professional. What I need is a label that will include my logo and website/email info along with the specific quilt info.

I'm thinking of using Spoonflower to print up a yard of labels with my logo and basic info along with space to write in the quilt name, pattern name and date. Julie of Jaybird Quilts has a tutorial using Spoonflower that I've been considering.

I know I could also print my own but am quite leery about running fabric through the finicky printer we have. To tell the truth I don't think the hubs would even let me use our printer. So another printing option for a professional look is what I'm after and that's where Spoonflower comes in.

I'm trying to decide what to include and would really appreciate your input.
  • What size label do you use? Seriously I'm struggling with the size. Is 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 too big or not big enough when you factor in the need to hand write on fabric?
  • What info do you always include? There are so many things that could be included it can become a short story in itself. These labels are mostly for quilts I'm making as part of my patterns/submissions. Perhaps to sell. Others will be gifts, charity or personal use at home.
  • How do you attach your label?
  • Have you used Spoonflower and if so any advice? Does it wear well when washed?

Next time I'll put this little triangle label in the upper corner so it can do double duty as a hanging corner.

Thanks so much for sharing. Feel free to share any photos of your labels.

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