January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday . . . Look What I Found

Look what I found in my scrap drawer this afternoon. Meet Opal. She and her brother Leo have been with us for one whole year now.

Can't believe how big they've gotten. Wish I could shrink them back to tiny kitten size. They both like to hang out with me in my studio. I love the furry company even if they do get into places I'd rather they stay out of. Today I came back up after lunch and was at the computer when I heard a sneeze, looked over and realized there was a kitty under the fleece throw on my rocker. Just a small little lump  moving around completely under the throw. Later I found her snuggled up in the scrap drawer.

As for WIP's . . . there are several things in various stages and a couple of things that need to get done by the end of the month. I'm in the midst of my next pattern and trying out some of the options I include in each of my patterns. This is a sneak peek at one of those options. I've loved the pink/yellow color combination ever since my daughter was little and had these colors in her room. So cheery and bright.

With the end of the month looming, it's also about time I get started on my Mid Century Modern Bee block for Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling. She lost her home to a fire last year so she requested a house block from each of us to commemorate her "year of the house" as she is calling 2013. A new home is in the works and we are all wishing her the best. She has maintained an amazing attitude through the whole ordeal. These are some of the fabrics I've pulled to build my house for her. Must make up my mind and get it done and in the mail.

I'm curious . . . do any of you have as much trouble as I do choosing fabrics for bee blocks?

We use our stash and scraps for this bee which is wonderful as we don't have to cut and ship fabric. Just make the block in the colors requested and send. Using modern fabrics is a given with this group. But sometimes I can have the hardest time deciding on which fabrics to use. So many choices. Will my choice work with the other blocks? Are they modern? What is modern?

The good thing is I'm challenged to view my fabrics through someone else's eyes.
I get to see how the others interpret each block request. It's a great opportunity to learn about my own fabric selection process, explore my stash and even loosen up on my tendency to hoard certain fabrics. Can you relate?

I'll be linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. Hope all your WIP's are going well.  : )

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