January 27, 2014

Time . . . I Should Know Better

I should know that it takes time for ideas to develop and gel into something worth doing.

When I give an idea time to percolate, I get far far better results . . . at least most of the time.

I know when I rush a project I don't produce my best, most creative work.

I also know that I can be quite indecisive at times because there are just too many options.

But with time good things usually get better. Much much better.  : )

With this quarter's Four-in-Art project, I've had plenty of time. Three months to be precise. We are exploring the overall theme of Urban for the year and this quarter the specific topic is Structures.

Early on I knew my structure would be highway overpasses. I just didn't bother to take my idea and explore it sooner when I had lots and lots of time.

So now I have a photo image, a sketch and a pile of fabric.

My gut reaction was something literal with grays and some green to tie it to my first art quilt.
I like the idea of some continuity between each art quilt throughout the year beyond the Urban theme. Color seemed like a good way to tie them together.

But in my heart I know this idea should become more. It has the potential to go beyond a simple visual depiction of overpasses and roadways. It has the potential to represent my own quilting journey.

An inkling of true inspiration is starting to come together in my mind. Not a clue whether it will work the way I imagine. Only time will tell.

But time has now become an issue. Time I do not have. And to complicate the time I do have is a construction method of piecing I have never tried. Truthfully I'm not even sure I can wrap my head around how to piece it.

This is good. This is part of why I chose to join our little group. To challenge myself both artistically and technically. But new techniques also can take time.

I don't know where this project will go right now. Hopefully the idea and the new sewing method will both work and I will finish on time.

Join me on Saturday, February 1st and see how it all comes together. That day also happens to be my birthday so I'm counting on a good experience getting this done. See you later.


  1. Hallo!!!
    We're in the exact same boat. Idea #1 has been rejected, as have ideas #2-4. I just finished grading and prepping, so hope to work on this tomorrow and this afternoon. I LOVE your post!!

    Keep Calm and Carry On!!

  2. I appreciate reading about your process. I've been thinking quite a bit about art quilts and I'm getting very close to some experimentation. Also, have enjoyed seeing you in recent publications!

  3. My husband came up with a design somewhat like that and was so proud of himself. I said, "It is truly wonderful, but exactly HOW am I going to sew that?" So it sits in his book of graph paper...maybe someday I will figure it out!

  4. I can hardly wait to see your quilt, along with the others. I'm such an "in the box" person, I am pretty sure I could never be part of this group. But it sure is great to live vicariously...

  5. Love seeing the process... and like the others, am eager to see future steps/progress. I recently talked with a knitter who share that cut 2 liter cola bottles make could inserts for hat-brims... I'm wondering if cola bottles might also be inserted into quilts for 3D stability. Just thinking while writing....!


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