August 10, 2014

Inspiration in Chihuly

I had the pleasure of visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens this week to see the Chihuly exhibition and it was a most wonderful experience. So much so that I plan to go again before the exhibit ends in November. If you are not familiar with Chihuly's work, please visit his website and learn about this amazing glass artist.

I think natural settings like botanical gardens are the absolute best location for viewing his pieces. The juxtaposition of glass art set amidst the various plant forms is striking to say the least and brings the plants to life in a whole new way. Each piece is carefully placed in such a way that it accentuates or contrasts with the surrounding landscape in a very deliberate way. Nothing seems left to chance. Each composition of glass and plants is both thoughtful and beautiful.

An added bonus was attending in the late afternoon and staying till dark. The glass takes on an even more remarkable quality at night when lit amid the gardens. There is a glow as if each piece is lit from within. I would highly recommend going in the evening so you can get a bit of both the daytime and nighttime experience.. The Denver Botanical Gardens are even having special Chihuly Nights in October and November with extended evening hours and special admission prices.

Here's just a glimpse of both the art and foliage that I found inspiring. In some cases the art is juxtaposed next to plant photos just for fun. I love the similarities of line and shape. Enjoy.

And here is my favorite of all. Monet Pool Fiori placed in the Monet Pool of course. The purple spikes contrasting with the curvy green shapes are absolutely beautiful. Love the reflections.

Visiting any botanical garden is always inspiring to me. You will most likely find me taking close-up after close-up of as many different leaf patterns as I can find. No surprise there is it? Leaves make me happy and I'm also happy to report my daughter has the same addiction. It's quite interesting to compare photos after we get home to see the different perspectives we each have. This visit was intended to be all about the art but I managed a very healthy dose of leaf photos as well. Confession . . I actually used all the available memory on my camera and couldn't take any more photos.  : (

Have I convinced you yet to see this exhibit?  I hope so because you definitely will be inspired.