August 29, 2014

Fabric Play

The end of summer . . . I used to think that by the time my kids were done with school the end of summer wouldn't be so full of angst. You know the feeling. How can it be over already? What about all those summer plans? Even with grown kids I still feel the same way. How can it be over? I had lots of plans and ideas and didn't get half of them done. All the more reason to refocus and get busy.

Entry deadlines are coming up for QuiltCon and since I'm actually going this time I thought it would be fun to enter a couple of quilts. Now to get them done. The main problem is making up my mind which ideas to pursue. Never a shortage of ideas in my studio.  : )  Just an inability to narrow down the choices and get started. Here's a glimpse of the fabrics I've pulled and played with this week.

I did cut and sew several HSTs for an idea I've had for ages. It's so nice seeing it begin to take shape for real. This is just a peek.

I guess it's rather obvious I love cool colors. What are you playing with this week?